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Download NZB files from servers, networks, etc.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TechSono Engineering

Release: SuperNZB 1.0.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SuperNZB is a free, easy downloader for windows.


  • Easy interface, quick set up, fast downloads
  • Intuitive and easy to use. Excellent performance.
  • In PAR- and RAR-archies, folders are stored under files. Also, the tool supports fixing PAR and RAR files as well as verifying SFV files.
  • Users can use it at short notice. It is time-efficient and requires minimal effort.

For a beginner, superNZB can be an excellent download-in tool. It lets users access and download NZB files from NZB.Usenet servers and indexes are included too.

Allows for free access to NZB files

Using NZB standard text files, as well as PAR/RAR files, which require reconstruction, users can extract data.

This is for Windows 10 but is compatible with any 64-bit operating system.There is also a bit version of Windows. SuperNZB comes in a free 32-In a 32-bit version, as well as in a 64-bit version.Known as the SuperNZB version, it takes a bit of time.(Version 64 was released in 1999) There is no longer a support for Windows XP. v1.0.1)

When downloading content via News Server's URL, the server source URL and the username and password must be listed before the downloads can proceed. Then the files are automatically added to the queue, and in the downloader window, you can check the status of each server which the app is connected to.

SuperNZB is a great program for Windows that offers many useful features with only a very modest learning curve to get an initial grasp. Its primary function is Windows 10 but it supports any 64-bit machine as well.bit Windows version. It allows file downloads via the NZB- service.We'll keep your folders in the same place all along the way, enabling you to repair damaged and/or corrupted files in the process, as well. As a 64-bit, SuperNZB is also an excellent addition.bit Windows system!
Dave James
A free, lightweight Windows application, SuperNZB performs Windows downloads. This software has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so it offers good value regardless of user experience level. It boasts specific capabilities as a user prefers, with its capability to file PAR, RAR, and SFV files. If the user runs these formats frequently, it may be a suitable choice. SuperNZB can, indeed, run on Windows 10; however, it is backwards compatible with previous versions of the operating system.
You can make the downloads go faster and more stable, there are so many extensions for a stable internet and to the best download websites. Best online downloader, or at the very least, is a good alternative to a torrent client. If you use Windows 10 on my machine, and there is a possibility for that, and I liked that, then I am sure they are excellent.
There is a definite benefit to using this software product. There have been several products of this nature that are difficult to describe unless one has extensive experience with computers, however this software seems to be easy to use and navigate. Downloading files is very easy with this program, because it does it so quickly.
When you accidentally download a lot of files, you may be struggling to manage them, but SuperNZB for Windows will make this process as easy as possible. It takes ten times less time to manage a number of downloads with SuperNZB for Windows since it is integrated into the pipeline. A RAR decoding function and an SFV detecting feature, along with a built-in help guide make the application very easy to use.
Using SuperNZB you will be able to download NZB files from newsgroups quickly as compared with many file-sharing programs. There have been reviews indicating that this is an easy-to-use program with fast interface and software speed, but research and use indicate that the program is worthless and not worth the cost. There are many freeware versions that compete with this for a reason--they exceed its capability, you see.
Muhammad Almonte
Apparently, this program works so that Newsgroups can be downloaded. That would be great news not only for journalists, news anchors, and others responsible for news reports but it might also make a good news anchor.
A Windows version of this NZB file down loader. The tool can open RAR files, as well as other types of files as well. A lot of NZB files can be downloaded and even run from Mac devices and Windows XP systems. You can download OSes like Windows 64 bit or 32-bit, both of which users have as well as Windows 64 bit. Those of us who are in need of downloading many files and believe it necessary to open up as many files efficiently as possible have found the opportunity to utilize the platform extremely valuable.
In SuperNZB, you can easily download large files to your computer by using the interface. Additionally, its sleek, intuitive design enables you to extract files, verify and repair them after each downloading, thereby ensuring that every file is downloading without any interruption as well. TechSono Engineering, Inc. has developed this software... There is now a totally free software program resulting from these efforts.
Using it will work in a few seconds, as it is free. A computer with Windows that is up to date is compatible with this application.
It is useful to use New Zealand Binary downloader to open NZB files. Using a net connection, files are downloaded. Files such as par, ar, and ch files are extracted by kiwi downloader. As far as the nzb downloader is concerned, it is most suitable for Mac OS. Both Windows and Mac OS have run this program. Easy to use and very comfortable.
It reduces your energy bill, keeps you comfortable and helps you save natural resources. Start & Discover for Windows! Time and money are more than you can ask for. Our 1-Line System: Providing our users with instant access to all key information.Get multiple free quotes immediately by signing a single form. Affordable Rates. Easily Compare Prices. Guaranteed Satisfaction. Short-Form. High-Security.
Users of SuperNZB for Windows no longer need to do a lot of maintenance since it is simple to set up and provides excellent performance. It can be a reliable way of keeping your files organized if you choose it. Even large files can be downloaded in this program. The book has a perfect rating and no negative reviews, both of them.
Using SuperNZB for Windows, you will receive access to files related to NZB free of charge. Using this program, editing and correcting PAR and RAR files is extremely easy. Beginners do not need to have any training in how to use this program and will be able to use it within minutes. The program is downloadable; it offers time efficiencies for users.
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