SuperEZ Wave Editor

by AMW Co Ltd

An audio file editing software supporting many file types with powerful features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AMW Co Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The SuperEZ Wave Editor is an audio data editing and recording tool that supports many advanced and powerful operations. You can use the SuperEZ Wave Editor to record your own music, voice, and other audio files, as well as to edit them, connect to other tracks, and add effects.

Furthermore, SuperEZ Wave Editor allows you to burn music discs to CDs, upload data to the internet or send e-mails with the program.mail.

A SuperEZ Wave Editor's features give you lots of possibilities when working with audio data, such as graphic displays of sound at the end of audio plays while audio file playback, filtering, applying other audio effects during audio files playback. As well as clearing scripts, there is a noise filter on cassettes, and an audio filter for clearing vinyl records of your choice.

- Use a microphone or other device to record audio.

- Audio editing: You can create, save and open your audio files using this program. There is a wide range of visual editing features available in the program (i.e. cutting, copying, deleting, pasting, mixing sounds to suit your requirements), as well as removal of sounds from the audio file without being unnecessary or annoying.

- Displaying audio tracks via graphic displays is possible:). This program allows you to zoom in on audio files when displaying them in a graphic form;

- Many digital effects: Effect analysis (amplification, delay, equalizer, gradual fading, inversion filter, standardization, reversible playback, potential delay in playback when no sound was recorded at any time, muting), echo processing.

- audio filters: In addition to Ban Pass, you can apply High Pass, Low Pass, Low Shelf, ng filters such as Ban Pass filter, high pass filter, High Shelf filter, low pass filter, Low Shelf filter, narrow pass filter;

- No matter what the format of the audio, we can support it. The SuperEZ Wave Editor includes a range of audio formats, including MP3/MP2/WAV and OSM audio as well as Ogg Vorbis, Audio Tracks, and Dialogic VOX. This program can also be used to convert audio files, for instance, between mp4 format to another;

- easy to use. An intuitive and customizable interface is included in this tool that lets you create your own projects easily. It allows you to enter standard Windows commands such as “1” and “2” from any keyboard or mouse; ;

- Markers: Marker arrangement makes it very easy to navigate through the different portions of an audio file.

- Pointer tool: There is the ability to select just one part of the audio file using this tool.

The term comes from the way it functions to edit sound files, which can have several functions and options. Music, voice, or a variety of other sounds and sound effects can be recorded or edited using this software. By editing or adding sound effects, you can send them out as torrents or email.
This software is very easy to use and is great for anyone who is not familiar with Wave Editor software. The concept of keeping and uploading music files is easy to take advantage of. You can use it to record yourself and other audio and video files and to send them to a CD burner. Besides adding more effects, I also enjoy that your files offer a number of different effect types.
With Windows edition of SuperEZ Wave Editor, you can edit many different audio files types such as WAV, WMA,OGG. You can display your tracks graphically on the screen because it is an extremely powerful program. In addition to burning to CDs, you will also have the option of burning your final edits.
Many sound engineers use this software to edit sound. The free version is available and the paid version is available as well. Record and save sounds on your local computer, and even send them to friends and family through the service. It's easy to merge your own programs as well as perform many drag and drop conversions. Additionally, users can use a toll, to know that they can copy and paste her as well.
It is a well-known fact that I recommend SuperEZ Wave Editor for anyone needing to make sound recordings. This program is absolutely simple to use and anyone with no knowledge of computing can benefit from its features. recorded yourself or sent a recording to a disk, CD, flash drive, or even emailed to me; I love the idea, the design, the ease of use, and most of all I love what you can do. Softwares with various effects, ranging from those that can be incorporated into your files to others for example.
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