Super PI

by Kanada Lab Tokyo

Benchmarking software that calculates Pi to a specific number of digits

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kanada Lab Tokyo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Super PI is a small utility that, despite its size, is one of the most accurate benchmarks for CPU performance. In order to determine Pi, it must be calculated along with 30 years of accuracy.There are two million digits to be added to a digit after decimal point number two. Impressive, isn't it? As a result, it determines how fast your CPU performs the task and displays its results in fractions of a second (it needs that much time to do such calculations these days). With an option, you would run a "quick" test in which only sixteen thousand digits would be used as a number of digits after subtracting the decimal point. Furthermore, the next version of the testing variant has a value between 16 and 18.000 and 32.000000. By its very nature, a time restriction is the only thing that needs to be specified before a test is initiated. This program does not have any other settings.

In addition to using Super PI as a benchmark, it is sometimes used "for its intended purpose". There are a number of professions: It is crucial for engineers, scientists, and biochemists to accurately estimate Pi numbers. Thanks to this program, the calculations aren't only recorded, they're also provided directly. With a few clicks, users can download and copy all their data from the results screen to a clipboard.

By using this software, you do not need to install the program on your computer. Run the SuperPI while unpacking the downloaded file."Unpretentious" and applicable to all Winows and hardware versions. It implements the same settings as the benchmark file but for different programs.

- In CPU performance testing, it is often the process of performing complicated calculations;

- By multiplying Pi after its decimal value by 32 million ng Pi to the nearest 32 million digits after the decimal point;

- Testing time and display of results obtained from; ; ; ;

- The option to choose one of six test duration options (which range from 16 thousand numbers);;";

- Using the clipboard, quickly copy results;

- A mobile device that is operating in a portable mode.

- With any hardware version of Windows and Linux.

There is an intriguing idea of this product performing a simple test and teaching you information about your CPU's capabilities to handle daily tasks, as well as more sophisticated solutions.The accuracy of this program is pretty impressive, even among other programs like it.
With Super PI, it is possible to check my CPU's real performance. In an accurate and condensed way, the CPU analysis has a great ability to provide insight directly to anyone who is interested and can follow it.
This review might interest you because Super Pi is your number one choice. Let's just try it out, for the sake of the world. A small installation is required, and the program is simple to install - all it needs is a hard drive and hardware. Moreover, its use could even range from calculating Pi to evaluating performance. There is nothing I can tell you that you should avoid.
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