Suitcase Fusion

by Celartem

Easily manage fonts on your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Celartem

Release: Suitcase Fusion 14.0.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Suitcase Fusion is a font manager that allows you to view, use, activate, deactivate, and organize fonts on your computer, whether it is using Windows or Mac software.


  • Suitcase Fusion automatically detects and activates the font used on a file that you open. Making it easier to continue your project without trying to figure out what font was used previously or not having to change it completely
  • Manage all different fonts from all sources from within Suitcase Fusion. Different apps and systems are available which will allow you to see all of the fonts available. A range of fonts can be managed through Google fonts, purchased fonts, or system font management software.
  • Purchase the software for ten dollars and have it running for months with the available features.
  • Moreover, Suitcase Fusion will come equipped with FontDoctor as a free extension. By using FontDoctor, you can repair issues and quarantine fonts that seem corrupt or malfunctioning. font suitcases shouldn't be too cluttered.
  • Search capability to assist you in finding any font that you are looking for quickly
  • Preview different fonts before trying them to see if they match your preference or not.
  • Quickly match the font that you are using on the file that you have opened
  • you can organize your fonts in libraries and sets.
  • Get detailed font usage information like font name, type, version, etc.
  • Get all the fonts used in previous documents without the need to open the old files or documents
  • supports Adobe Creative Cloud which is the update is October 2018
  • Get a free trial for 15 days. try the full functionality of Suitcase Fusion, and you will fall in love with it

Suitcase Fusion is the best solution for fonts. The font tool allows you to pick the right font, reduce the instances of corrupt and malfunctioning font, and work smarter.

In Suitcase Fusion, all fonts can be managed with one central location.
Jane Adams
Without Suitcase Fusion, you are left without fonts after you open files, discovering your fonts did not work. The product offers some other useful functions that might otherwise be unobtainable without purposefully researching specific fonts, and is able to fix font issues without involving professionals. In its price range, the product is definitely worth it as well.
Fusion Suitcase has a lot of features!! My Windows computer is more organized with it. As a result of this, it works both on a Mac and on computers as well. You will also receive a free trial of this wonderful product for 15 days. That's a great way to see what this awesome product does.
This product will help people manage fonts from one location and provide them with a greater ability to appeal to both clients and employees. In the Apple iOS version of this application, any font users choose may be fully activate within seconds of installation. You can design stunning documents with this package especially for creative professionals.
Luca Bromley
It's Suitcase Fusion for Windows that helps you develop creative works. Only licensed copies are available, and you can try it for a free. Add and integrate plugins to many creative software packages to produce better results. By using this program, you are able to perform more and remain hassle-free since you can copy documents whenever you need them. The tool comes with powerful search tools and quick match functionality to enable you to work more quickly.
You can improve your imaginations without interfering with Suitcase Fusion for Windows. Suitcase Fusion for Windows is unique in a number of ways, but one of the most important is its ability to help with exploring and contrasting the newest font styles. With Suitcase Fusion for Windows, it keeps an eye on each typewriter font typed into computer files as well. Its features differ from typeface to typeface. You can use Suitcase Fusion for Windows in all of your programs to make them more efficient. Organize your home with this tool.
It should have been available in the beginning since it was a very convenient product. You can use this software to organize all of your fonts, from system fonts to Photoshop fonts. Finding fonts compatible with your existing project is no easy feat. When fonts are at your disposal, it feels easier. All the concerns highlighted above can be met with ease with this software, which permits flexibility in the way it is organized. This makes it easy to believe that a product of this kind exists when there is this high level of control and organization.
You need Suitcase font manager if you use lots of different fonts. Users with plenty of passion for using different fonts must look this program. Most of the time, they guarantee fonts to be in place. There is a drag and drop feature for most font types. With this suitcase fonts manager, you can create different types of typography.
I have seen several fonts management software programs recently, Suitcase Fusion being the most notable. Both Windows and Mac OS X versions work with it. It is also compatible with Adobe Photoshop, one of my favorite programs on which I've used to build Photoshop. My top 3 choices would be: suitcase fusion for fonts management, LibreOffice for font management, and Netweaver for font management. Let's see if this works for you - see if you love it if you want to purchase the full version yourself and enjoy it. A co-worker recommended this simple version of the app, and I thought it had nothing to do with it.worker. In November, she told me she could definitely recommend anything.
All types of font can be kept organized, sorted, and tracked with this great software. Especially useful if you are someone like me who creates fonts or has a large database to work on one or more jobs for your personal life or work outside. Also, I find that it can be plugged-in to Sketch, so I don't mind. Would definitely recommend this software.
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