by Sindre Mehus

A simple app that allows you to stream content to any device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sindre Mehus

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Subsonic is a media player that allows you to listen to streaming audio from the Internet, add favorite songs to playlists and share them with friends. Any audio or video format transmitted via HTTP is supported, such as MP3s, AACs, OGGs, FLACs, JPEGs and mp3/aurams/oggs/gaa/ Multiple players can simultaneously stream data from different sources using this application. There are 100,000 songs in an mp3 file, all of which can be easily handled thanks to its optimized format. Using a keyword search, you can quickly identify which part of the title or song is listed in the list. A song's ID3 tags can be used to download album art to a browser. Users are able to rate each album and song. Your favorite way to create and modify a music collection (add music, delete, sort, load, save, mix, recondition, cancel previous actions is with a dropdown menu.) is the playback manager. A completely free program is available for this model.

- Using the internet allows you to listen to your music in all parts of the world;

- It is made to cater for a large collection of songs of gigabytes.

- the ability to stream music to a mp3 player on a mobile device;

- With mobile devices; a player who can be controlled from the screen;

- Rate a song and leave your comments in the song.

Your Subsonic Windows app works in concert with your audio player to provide easy access to music, video, and other streaming media. There are apps for computer (Android, iPhone, etc.) that can become media-accessible.A standard media server does not add any of these features so you may use this with your streaming services. an easy to install app that gives you the whole picture whether you're in a hotel or on the go.
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