By using SubDiv, your files are totally organized from the start.

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SubDiv is an organizing application that keeps your files fully organized. An easy, effective program, it lets you browse documents in a large database. Files are sorted in order that the folders easier be navigated with so many options available, and locate some files are a lot easier as well. SubDiv is extremely simple since it literally has only one actionable function which is "Sort this folder now". You can be sure that SubDiv will do everything else once you get that done.


The program can be used to organize thousands of files in seconds.

  • Manage and sort all your important files instantly
  • Works on USB and portable drives
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Free to use.

This does not seem to be the case for all of them as I tend to have so many files in the system. The best way to sort and manage these files after a long time is forever. a person who enjoys watching movies and does at least a dozen television shows that I like to watch, I have thousands of files on my computer at any given time. When I attempt to locate certain files, I have a hard time finding them otherwise I lose the ones I want or move. Having SubDiv enabled also means that there is no worry about where the files I download may be placed since I can sort all folder that I place it in.

Despite the program being cool, I'm still concerned about its potential for improvements. The sorting process could be made simpler with a few more features added. Right now, the program sortes alphabetically based on its classification. I would also like to add to the file size and its name. Additionally, I am looking forward to receiving an automated feature in which files can be sorted as they are downloaded automatically. One other thing I like about this program is that I think it is a valuable tool for people who want systems that are built to last and reliable.

Windows OS

In SubDiv, we organize our files for maximum accessibility. When SubDiv was employed, we were able to sort, manage, and organize our most important files in a quick span. On USB and portable hard drives, the technology works. It's easy and simple to use SubDiv, too. In addition, the windows are good. Free to use.