by OpenCloner Inc.

A stream download program that converts videos to files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OpenCloner Inc.

Release: Stream-Cloner 2.50

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Stream-Cloner has to be one of the coolest programs I've ever downloaded. The versatility and ease of this item make it wonderful. The file format that I have available for download is vast, so I can download virtually anything. The entire collection of YouTube videos, as well as Netflix, is now downloaded to it. The PC allows me to record almost all of my playing. With this software, I can save any video that I find and enjoy, since I'ma person who likes to see what others have saved. With this system, I can literally just get them on my computer in a flash so that I can forget I have lost or deleted anything I may want to remember. Now that they have settled in with me, they are not replaceable. My exposal has a strong new, highly sophisticated tool. I don't do bookmarks. The other day I boarded a long flight that didn't have Internet access, so I downloaded a few videos from Facebook so I could watch them at home. Playing this all did not fail and the quality of the videos was perfectly acceptable. Watching this videos with passengers was even more impressive. My answer to this question was: "No, I do not have any secret Internet.".Fi passcode!

Its interface makes downloading files easy and straightforward, so you do not need to have a ton of experience. Video and audio formats as well as MP3 and WAV support is supported. There is no point in choosing one over the other. There is also a 1 click download option, so you don't have to navigate through several steps to get to the desired file. You can do it fast and easily. There are categories for things that you have downloaded so it doesn't get cluttered as it goes. Around seven hours worth of YouTube videos have been downloaded, and all of them have been categorized. With an archive of these videos, you can always see when a popular YouTuber is taking down clips!! Your captured video will also be playbackable because the software comes with a built-in video playback player. You can get video captured and recorded by the application if it does not perform downloads. All aspects of online video entertainment have been covered with it.

You need an internet video converter like this if you are watching videos online. In the month since, I can't figure out exactly how many times I've inserted this device. The wide range of features Stream offers makes it quite useful.You can feel my enthusiasm for Clone's video downloads on my computer.

Helps you convert your favorite streaming platform videos and downloads them

  • Hotkey feature
  • Automatic retry tool
  • Simple interface
  • Manual categories
  • Multiple task converter
Stream-By selecting an online movie, video, or photo from Cloner's catalog, users can create digital versions of these media resources. The Internet is a good place to find this content. You'll be able to store these files on your computer as well as use Stream as a device recording device.After a file is created, Cloner converts it into other formats that will be compatible with the most common kinds of media players.
You can get powerful results with this software. There are too many requirements. The other good programs I use are from other companies. The best part is that it is totally free.
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