StereoPhoto Maker

by Masuji SUTO

The video and editing capabilities of Windows are supported.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Masuji SUTO

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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StereoPhoto Maker is a free and easy-to-use graphic editor that allows you to create stereo photos from a regular photo, including those with an anaglyphic effect.

The created photos can then be viewed using simple stereo glasses with red and blue filters, from which they will acquire spatial volume. Besides being available to download online, these stereo photos can also be inserted into the web page, using a special applet that is included with the browser.

A separate program module allows you to view images directly from StereoPhoto Maker.

A number of other methods for rendering stereographs including anaglyphic effects can also be utilized with this program. Furthermore, StereoPhoto Maker offers the ability to create stereoscopic images of other objects.

- JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF files are all supported by this feature.

- Besides monoscopic viewing, it will support most stereo systems;

- offers batch mode and almost all other options for uploading to the working window of the program;

- Providing a wide range of options for viewing an image;

- An abundance of image manipulation tools;

- You can create in batch mode;

- A slideshow can be created in any automatic mode, even if you set it up with a checkbox.

- Easily customize the printed product directly from the solution;

- The use of a stereo camera to take images with Google Earth.

- A geographic tag can now be tagged with EXIF data.

- With stereo, various web pages can be created.The Viewer can be utilized to interact with Java Applet and other related applications.

In my opinion, Stereophoto Maker is very compatible with a lot of different type of program to allow you to have a successful photo session; it is just really easy. Camera companies will therefore be most interested in its popularity.
Its incredible variety of features allow you to create stereo stereo photos, edit existing photos, change the color and brightness, and revise standard photos. The photos can be viewed using a variety of filters to ensure accuracy and inserting them s can be viewed with different filters for accuracy and inserted into custom made webpages, slides, or app-Each browser is capable of specific processes. This software allows for the effects of an aglyph.
It runs on Windows only, but many of us tend to use a Max system. Make sure you have the right software and choose the pro version, since it runs many windows packages more smoothly.Like many others, I have a pro version.
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