Stereo Tool

by Hans van Zutphen

Audio processor for streaming and home use

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hans van Zutphen

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Stereo Tool is an audio processor that enhances the quality of sound in real time. It is available in three "guises" at once: Using any existing method for standalone Windows applications.I can offer it in Winmap player as well as on an VS plug-in, with Windows There are more or less audio editors (AIMP, MediaMonkey, RadioBOSS, SAM Broadcaster, etc) that support VST along with radio listening programs (VST).oriented programs. The version of Stereo Tool for Winamp may be abolished soon, because the player itself is not supported by the developer for a long time.

So, what is the use of this application? When you don't have any real experience with musical parameters such as Declipper and Distortion, you can use the Presets Plus version of this program.The sound design templates that make up sound. Then you can judge whether the sound is best perceived by your ear by comparing their motions. With Stereo Tool, those who understand complex concepts and are skilled in dealing with sliders and controls will be better prepared.

An astounding number of assignments are required in the program. It can reduce sound from 2 - 3 decibels.A band limiter, bass amplifier, a FM RDS transmitter are part of the setup. The studio may even be converted stereo audio into mono audio without losing any audio quality. The Stereo Tool desktop application is available in both Windows and Mac versions as well.

- There is also an VST plugin for Winamp player, but it is presented as a stand-alone solution.

- offers ready-Pre-determined sounds to be made.

- converts stereo sound into mono without affecting its quality;

- includes a ten-An equalizer gives you equal access to two parts of a network.The limiters for bands are among the tools that can be applied; etc.

- In addition to FM RDS, this feature allows.

I'm absolutely in awe of the diversity of program knowledge that makes up the Stereo Tool portfolio. With this software for the first time in my career, I found many things I can do other than music, besides composing music. The software will cost between $4000 and $5500.
Software that I tend to like is the stereo tool. A standalone plugin or a VS extension format might work for you. I find it very useful when editing software to make clear sounds. With this program, voices and instruments sound clearer and more precise.
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