Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional

by Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Its primary function is recovering files from Windows devices.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Release: Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DataRecovery Professional software provides users with incredible features that lets them successfully recover deleted or corrupted data. Whether data has been lost on a server, a computer is experiencing data corruption, or something else is wrong, Stellar Data Recovery Professional software has all of its resources at your fingertips. This program can be used by anyone who spends a great deal of time installing or swapping programs or systems.


  • Recover files, folders, documents, photos, videos, & audio.
  • Recover data from unbootable systems
  • Free download

In my personal experience, Stellar Data Recovery Professional has come in handy with unexpected computer crashes. The first indication your computer is losing control is a crashing log on page 32. As a person whose technological knowledge and understanding has been limited to mere mortals like yourself, any significant volume of data has likely been lost somehow. There isn't an easy way to let this moment sink in since thousands of hours of hard work or thousands of memories cannot remain on a device. My laptop was completely inoperable when repair service came; it lost all my files. They advised me on using Stellar Data Recovery Professional instead of d's review, and they recommended Stellar Data Recovery Professional. I was able to quickly and safely move my entire hard drive to a new device with this program, which recovered all of my files.

can also be used when I've lost track of a file that I didn't intend to delete with Stellar Data Recovery Professional. Using this program is straightforward and easy, as when you get stuck with a certain file, just load it into the program and it'll show a list of other files that have been recently deleted for you. There is really only one thing to do, and that is to return the items you want. It is also extremely useful if you upgrade your systems or if you purchase a new computer. Stellar Data Recovery Professional may be useful for recovering scratched or corrupt CDs and DVDs. I know many people have stopped using CDs in recent years because they couldn't be more reliable than flash drives, and now it's possible to do it on a disk. It is one of the best software packages that anybody who uses computers should own. DataRecoveryProfessional offers you a peace of mind and you never worry about having any important data disappear once.

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP
  • 2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
  • 250 MB free space
Windows Data Recovery Professional from Stellar is one of the most popular professional software solutions for managing personal data. All the lost data, no matter how hard to read the formatted drive, no matter how much partition there was, no matter how badly it crashed, is easily recovered. HDDs, SSD drives, 4K USB drives, as well as optical media can also be recovered. Windows 11 supports the program, which has been updated.
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