Steganos Online Shield VPN

by Steganos GmbH

Developed Windows-compatible VPN software.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Steganos GmbH

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Steganos Online Shield VPN is a virtual private network client that allows users to surf the Internet anonymously and protect their connection from unauthorized tapping or tracking of traffic, as well as interception and cookie swapping.

Users use it by following the following:... Using Steganos Online Shield and a VPN server, the user installs their own VPN before choosing their plan, then connects through the virtual private network (VPN) to the appropriate servers. The outgoing/incoming traffic from the server is encrypt sent to this server. In other words, the site or resource that the user visits instead of their actual IP address will see the address of the VPN server, and the ISP will only see the encrypted data stream. In addition to traffic encryption, a computer may have any other software it uses that uses the Internet, such as messengers, email clients or other computer applications that communicate online. By simply doing this substitution, you can bypass several regional disruptions if an international resource had blocked in your country.

Programming is not overloaded with controls and its user- interfaces are easy to interact with.friendly. Under the main window, you can activate your client, select a preferred country for the VPN server, enable or disable ads, enable or disable browser ID spoofing.

- An easy, yet reliable VPN service.

- encryption algorithm for packets - What are the mechanisms tion algorithm - Packet encryption algorithm - What are most common protocols. AES-256;

- a simple interface;

- The ability to select the country with which a VPN servers is configured;

- Ad blocker with built-in browser; o.k.

- The act of protecting the connections d from hackers;

- browser anonymization;

- Avoiding IP address leakage on WebRTC browsers is one; protection against WebRTC leakage of IP addresses; IP address leakage of WebRTC leak IP address;

- Cookies can be deleted automatically.

This proxy-VPN is very simple and has the ability to let anyone know where they are without revealing any information. In addition to working as a workaround for regional issues, this is also a great way to reset your regular IP address if they occur.
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