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A video game digital distribution service by Valve

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Valve

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Steam is a well-Computer games and applications can be digitally distributed on this platform. A showcase of licensed movies and TV series will also be launched in the near future by developers. A hot sale and discount that reaches up to 90% can be found at these services during special periods, which makes it famous. Users have bought games at prices as low as 5 rubles instead of 1000 rubles at the original price.1500 rubles.

Gaming enthusiasts from all over the world congregate at Stim with their social networking tools. The site lets its users make friends, use chat, add status on their profile, play favorite games, donate items, recommend films and even make holiday cards.

For you to begin using the service, you must register for an account and download the client. The use of this method is advisable.theft equipment. that is available- There are free downloads from demo sites or clients for downloading any project with free resources. You will be able to download them at any time when you want, so you'll have all of them in one place.

A series of media files (screenshots, videos trailers) and a detailed description with system requirements and language support are kept on file for all games in the service. Each program/game is given a themed area where you can share your thoughts. The section "Games with early access" is a good place to highlight it as well. Depending on the projected projects, alpha and beta versions can appear. Users here pay for early access, not for a completely finished product. At the bottom of the main window you can see a separate tab Steam Greenlight, where users vote to add a game to the store.

- streaming;

- numerous promotions;

- Positive feedback from the users on the game and the software: rs in the game and software profile;

- A Steam Workshop that is able to create items;

- Cloud-based storage and support for large numbers of online games-Storage of stored data for Steam servers is based on a servers operating platform.

- Creating your profile and setting your own goals.

- The achievement system of a company.

Gamechanger's platform allowing users to play multiplatform. Gamer's can purchase and store games they purchase from this platform. Besides gaming, Steam also serves as a convenient place for players to share their experience with one another.
Using this easy-to-use platform to play thousands of games offline or online alone, with no friends or team to replace, stay track of your every move for unlimited time, and download and add on games to your console. In fact, it allows you to purchase games
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It provides access to the Internet via an e-reader.books. It is seamless
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The classic shooter game that is available on Windows is one of the most popular and addictive PC games.
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A fully-A convenient eBook reader for reading eBooks on all platforms.
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We could set up the calendar for all of 2012 or any month.
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Program and service virtual streaming for Microsoft Office.