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Statgraphics is one of the oldest and yet most innovative statistical analysis programs for the PC. This tool was created in 1980 by Dr. Neil Polhemus, Professor of Statistics at Princeton University, so that business could unleash maximum profitability using statistical analysis while also achieving high-yield results.quality products. Statgraphics has maintained it's an investment in its products from day one providing the leading edge solution for corporations worldwide. In the latest release of Statgraphics support has been added for "big data" ( millions of rows of data ) while simultaneously adding 30 new statistical analysis procedures. Having delivered consistently high levels of output, Statgraphics builds a reputation for this.It consists of easy-to-use technologies that make life easier for researchers, analytics professionals, and the entire industry at large.


  • Supports Big Data with millions or rows of information
  • Data Visualisations that allow users to easily view data trends
  • Point by point assistance tools make Statgraphics easy to learn and easy to use
  • 260 data analysis procedures allow you to easily meet your specific data analysis objectives
  • The R Interface allows programmers to customize Statgraphics to meet any objective
  • Stat Advisor to help you colleagues easily understand statistical analysis

Statgraphics is the leading statistical analysis package available on the PC. Statgraphics uses data analysis to provide businesses large and small with their statistical analysis regardless of whether or not they hire statisticians. Therefore, with Statgraphics in place, report preparation time is no longer spent preparing reports to be consumed by management teams and by users overall.Our users as customers. Make use of statistical analysis to improve the quality of your products, improve your internal processes, understand trends both short term and long term, and enable you to stay one step ahead of customers by providing them with top-quality product.

Due to the fact that Statgraphics is built in an assistant, it is user-friendly, and it is easier to learn.
Ronald Pruitt
Statistician software applications trust Stat Graphics. This old, but trustworthy brand can be found in most of them. There is always new features added to the application and its development cycle is constant, such as the addition of 30 statistical analysis procedures most recently. Statistical analysis has the potential to become a useful tool for businesses, which is why developers strive to make it as easy as possible to learn. In addition, the app provides a number of customization options, including implementing R language that allows for customizing your statistical analysis technique entirely.
I have used older software that still works when used at home. A large amount of data can be used to compare data based on how well this works. Many people may find that the older look of the program appeals to them. A retro feel and look is appealing to me.
In order to perform statistical analyses but not be a statistician, you should check out Statgraphics for Windows. A statistical calculus and anlysis program performed on this system requires the use of all the power of this program. Nevertheless, it is easy enough that someone without a background in statistics could apply it. Files in XML, SF3, and X3 format are supported by this system. By arranging and categorizing your results before publishing, and visualizing the data as well, you'll be better prepared.
In addition to providing data analysis and visualization tools, Statgraphics also acts as a source of data. The Statgraphics software for Windows is a software tool that supports graphics in statistical procedure. Business and academic institutions can also take advantage of data modeling and prediction offered by this tool. Statistical models and summary statistics are provided for easy understanding. In the case of individuals or organizations who need to analyze and visualize huge amounts of data, Statgraphics is ideal.
With Statgraphic you can do regression analysis with multivariate statistics, design experiments, generate statistical processes, create data visualization projects, analyze and interpret live data, conduct statistical studies, and perform data mining tools on Windows. This tool will be easy to use and offers great results when explained.
To use Statgraphics, there is much less effort required than using Firefox. You will be able to obtain a clearer picture with Data Visualizing.To fully utilize the R interface, user capability is quadrupled. Statisticians can make their output more understandable by using the stat advisor. User interactivity and quality controls provide an overall positive experience with the software product so that they are satisfied with it.
Graphizing and numerical computing are the functions it can perform.
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