by Ascora GmbH

Full protection software against auto-startup adding softwares

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ascora GmbH

Release: StartupStar 2019.11.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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What is StartupStar?

StartupStar is a program available for windows very easy to find and download, with a weight of a couple of MB, StartupStar is a software that presents a trial version, that later if the individual needs are satisfied, you can update to a full version without blocks.

The main purpose of this software is to upgrade and improve Windows startups ( Windows startup means when your Operative System load all files he needs to start your computer desktop ), so using StartupStar, you can manage all applications that do start with windows.

What are the steps to install it?

installation is basic and accessible to anyone without knowledge of computers. After you click the downloading link, you will download the file in either a basic or advanced and .rar ( both formats that define an archive, therefore it is included, that the presence of a decompression program like WinRar is necessary )

Once downloaded, the program will follow a series of standard steps that ask us to accept the terms and conditions of use, which, once accepted, will end the installation procedure.

What are the steps you should ouse it?

When installing an application, the user wants it to be useful and does what you paid for, so if StartupStar meets your need, only you can say it.

My personal opinion ( I'm a previous personal customer of the free trial ) is that, at first glance, StartupStar does what it says it does, but you know, is always possible find an unsatisfied customer, by the way, StartupStar is easy to use it and install it ( as read before ) also, the program does not consume many system resources and does not take up much space on the hard disk.

In the same way, once downloaded and installed, and with a click on the STARTERENTERS part of the user interface, you can view and possibly choose to delete all of the contents that are scheduled for the entire program once it has been downloaded and installed. The problem seems to be something you wouldn't want to have.


  • Manual updates
  • Many languages available
  • Easy to use it
  • User dashboard
  • Add/Delete/Modify application during windows boot loading
  • Installation/Uninstallation support available
  • Required Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
In startup star we manage all of the apps during the startup process and analyze them afterward. This app evaluates, lists, and displays ratings for the apps which are indicated when it goes live. This rating allows us to quickly identify and remove apps we think are useful or unnecessary. Keeping us safe and secure while using the apps this app allows us. We're getting firewall protection thanks to it. features automatic backup, full control of entry entries, and new entries created and created automatically.
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