by StartIsBack

Windows start menu is back!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: StartIsBack

Release: StartIsBack 2.8.9

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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There is an app available now called Startisback that allows you to regain back access to Windows 7's pull-down startup menu from the original Startisback program. As a result, the clutter of your house is better, easier, and calmer.You have a quick and easy access to everything you need from your desktop via a free license. Despite the app being fully integrated into your computer, there are some benefits.Several of the classic view's features, such as the drag and drop, app search, and well-known ones, are also available for free viewing.I loved the app menu that was recently added. Windows appears to be listening to us with this app: Have you ever tried the classic view? The hassle of clutter is gone!!

Why use Startisback? This is simply because it makes things easier!! The majority of the applications and your regular settings remain on your computer. The benefit is that we can use it, no problems. A few days ago, our team posted an article on the iPhone app. With the app, we're able to finally get rid of all of our clutter and put things back together so that things can come back to normal.


The old start menu can be accessed easily.
  • Pull down startup menu
  • View through search, drag, and drop, and even the old recently used apps features of the old days. New windows are happy to accept the features listed below once again.
  • By using Feature 3, you are ready to concentrate on your activities. Integration into your computer is easy without needing to break any software.Free classic desktop software - that's what we've all been missing.

It is designed specifically for people who don't wish to be presented in the old startup menu and want to have the easy desktop look that they always loved. Beyond assisting users who find the new Microsoft Windows desktop confusing, this app provides numerous other benefits. As a result, this app aims to revive the classic Windows 7 desktop views people love to hate.

Ian's icon is once again available for Windows, which is very exciting news for me. Having this feature is a good thing that I too, like many others, love. Using it will make programming for your computer so user-friendly. Consumers will be pleased with this product.
When I first saw it, it looked like Windows used to redid its start menu, so I didn't think that was a bad thing. Normally I don't need to use the start menu, but since it is so accustomed, I'll rather choose another option.
A new window 10 display, designed for beauty and elegance, has left me speechless. Thanks to the new design, Windows 10 and its new taskbar are perfectly compatible. As opposed to Microsoft's very small but standard menu for opening Windows 10 which comes in under the Start button, I found myself really satisfied with the 32x32 Icons and the opportunity to start with a large Start button.
StartIsBack has been an extremely good trial period. I have decided to keep it. This program allows me to access all my activities on my computer so I do not have to rush to get things done. My machine now requires it as a necessity and I highly recommend you to friends and family. Installation was like putting a finishing touch on a cake.
Although this software is not free, it is enjoyable and a good tool, but most premium features are also restricted after you purchase it and I recommend it to people who have personalized their laptops into various configurations and want to try it in various languages as well.
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