Start Menu 8

by IObit

Allows users to skip start page on windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: IObit

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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There were too many users who found it difficult to adapt to the new tile interface Metro, developed by the developers behind Windows 10 and subsequent versions. Not surprisingly, this version of the interface is initially more suitable for use on devices with a touch screen (such as tablets) and is quite inconvenient on desktop computers and laptops, where the majority of users are touchpads or mice. Start Menu 8 will help you to return to the interface of your operating system a more familiar classic version of the Start menu, similar to that used in the previous version of Windows 7.

When you install the program, it automatically integrates into the OS interface and replaces the standard Metro menu upon launch of Windows and then runs on its own. In the "Start Menu 8" menu, which Start Menu 8 offers, users will find a familiar list of installed programs, access to PC settings and basic services of the operating system. Documents, photographs, music and videos are easily accessible as well. There is also an operating system FAQ displayed in this Start menu, which lists standard "modern" applications automatically installed by default (Calendar, Calculator, Games, etc.). Along with this, there is also an auto shutdown option in the menu. Clicking on it will restart your computer, get a sleep cycle, turn it back on, etc.

You can customize your Start Menu 8 based on the preference of each user in a system of settings, resulting in a flexible look-and-feel for each screen. You can adjust how many games are displayed, how many recently opened objects are displayed, and which highlights you see every time you open new files. The program also allows you to change the type of icons on the menu. You can also select this setting and you'll see which programs are most commonly used in the list of installed programs. Shutting down, restarting, sleeping, or hibernation will all be possible by default. can also disable UAC for programs launched from the Start menu if it exists. By selecting an icon from the collection to change the starting menu itself, you can also set a default setting.The default style of the menu window, setting color, font and background information, as well as displaying objects on screen, is available through this dialog window.

As an original free application, Start Menu 8 comes with enhanced functionality if you upgrade to the Pro version of Start Menu. For users who need a paid license, a 30-day trial period can be utilized.To get a taste of the new features offered by the commercial Pro, try it for a day.version.

If you are using a desktop on your computer, make sure the start button on the desktop, which often weather to see what a tool has or search it, is set to a steady state.A great way to customize your own home starting box is by using this application.i love it.The program is also free.It's up to you whether your start box is for you or not.
I love the free version, but upgrade is an option. This product/software makes it possible to exercise that freedom. As a rule, the most crucial element of using a desktop is its start/home button, which is the most used button in most applications or whether it's for assessment of files, tools, searching or anything else. My favorite program has a built-in option for customizing your home
Known as the Start Menu, it combines the user interface and the Search feature of Windows 8 into the Start screen.For the desktop user interface in Windows 7, we have added the familiar Start menu.
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