StaffCop Standard

by StaffCop Software

Admin creates and watches reports from company meetings for employees working on their computers.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: StaffCop Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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StaffCop Standard is a software for monitoring all actions of employees on workstations. Besides being able to gain detailed information about how each of these entities performs, each can also report on their activity in real time.

Identify and analyze the effectiveness and optimal utilization of employees' activities, detect and prevent unauthorized access to confidential information, and make possible a reduction in the risk of cybercrime.

- the following social networks (in particular Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki);

- This includes many sites such as Yandex, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

- Analyzing employee activity on the computer via diagrams; writing detailed reports; and creating the reports.

- At the appropriate intervals, take screen shots; ;

- ICICQ, QIP, and mail all offer the ability to transmit and manage correspondence online.geitz Agent, etc.);

- Using a keyboard spy, decode the entered data; ;

- The program works in the hidden mode, which makes detecting it much harder

- Logging processes, running and installing programs, printed documents, and running and modifying connected devices all remain in place.

The growing workforce of IT experts who are forced or allowed to work from home each week made employee activity monitoring inevitable for companies that want an accurate understanding of how productive their employees really are, particularly when they are working from home more than a few times a week. This UAM software provides services for monitoring employee tasks associated with a company computer, web sites accessed, applications used, how active the user is during his or her daily activities, as well as detecting external devices like USB sticks as placed in the device. Users must exercise some degree of freedom in their activities while still monitoring their activity; We operate at the forefront of all of the debate at StaffCop by offering both employees and employers the highest level of oversight, reducing assets and staffing.
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