SQuirreL SQL Client

by SQuirreL SQL Dev Team

Open-source, cross-a powerful SQL Client that is compatible with many rportantly RDBMS platforms.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SQuirreL SQL Dev Team

Release: SQuirreL SQL Client 4.0.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SQuirreL SQL Client is an open-source, fully-An application that manages database accounts was featured. Java is totally written in it, and it's a common runtime running on any operating system.compliant system. The system has been developed by professionals on a global basis since 2001. Plug-in technology is integrated into it, based on modular architecture.As a result of this support, custom software can be tailor-made to take advantage of the particular features of database vendors. JDBC-compatible databases can be supported as well.

As open-In the SourceForge repository, you can find the source code for all of the applications. It is legal to modify the source code to suit your individual and commercial needs with the GNU Lesser GPL. This software will have to be free and open under the Lesser GNU GPL as well.


Supports many of the most popular database platforms including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

SQuirreL SQL is fully featured compared to other commercial SQL client toolkits. This features can be viewed in the following key ways:

  • Intuitive and intelligent SQL text editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, and graphical visualization capabilities
  • The SQL Editor supports the definition and lookup of bookmarks, which are reusable templates of code. The installation comes ready made to use a collection of standard bookmarks.
  • With SQL 2013, SQL results can be edited inline. The tool allows users to edit data for multiple table views after displaying a result set.
  • The tool has an Object Tree feature which can be used to easily browse the most common database objects, such as tables, views, stored procedures, etc.
  • The client tool is fully internationalized with support for over 12 languages as of this writing.
  • One can compare relationships between tables (such as ERD) with graph visualization capabilities. This can be accomplished by constructing a graph to generate SQL DDL. JPEG files can also be created upon printing; they're compressed when combined.
  • Database sessions may take place simultaneously using a single data session, as was the purpose of this tool.
  • Multiple mailing lists can be utilized for the development of active community members.
  • Change tracking was added to Git integration, which now goes well beyond support.
  • Freely made available via the GNU Lesser GPL
  • Easily installed via the lzPack Java installer
  • The most recent version supports the latest Java 14 runtime
This software enables me to create a super market software easily enough to run anywhere, good one also, the editing and freezing functions offer a lot of value.
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