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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Webyog Softworks

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SQLyog is an easy-to-MySQL databases can be managed from any location with this very easy-to-use graphical application.

- The program runs in MySQL 5.0 and below.x;

- You can use this tool to edit tables, make changes to stored procedures, implement functions or trigger views etc.

- tunneling - onomatization tunneling - HTTP and SSH tunneling - If your MySQL port is blocked or a remote connection to MySQL cannot be accessed by you, this allows you to maintain the status of your MySQL server.

- Your data is protected by SSL encryption;

- autofill;

- A look at SQL queries active and inactive profilers;

- SQL Query Organizing with a Favorite Manager is easy;

- The data search is very fast; but it is not impossible.

- is compatible with JOIN, sort (ORDER BY), filter (WHERE and HAVING) and lookup functions; and it performs reverse lookup in every instance.

- As part of the SQLyog Migration Toolkit you can run your own SQL query; Using it you are able to write a SQL query using the GUI.

- There is a synchronization scheme available.

- Email notifications let you easily backup to the cloud; ntelligence tools with email notifications;

- Notification Services - is able to perform both a comprehensive and flexible analysis of your database using email.

- You can modify the results of the return request using the following options.

- The managing of external and primary keys.

- Incompatible with the InnoDB. This program supports all its features.

- Storage engines architecture facilitates Oracle Pluggable stored procedures;

- Several threads can be used to execute a request simultaneously; for example.

- The results appear on text mode; if necessary, save the results.

- The possibility of filtering data from the ng results of the request execution using the context menu;

- When running large SQL scripts across a batch file, they must be executed in very large quantities.

SQLyog 13.1.5 (10.5 MB)
SQLyog 13.1.6 (5.92 MB)
It will allow business owners to manage their web, products, website, and contact information. These tools are very user friendly and are especially safe for small businesses. A lot of people, including my coworkers and friends, would benefit from this. Computer users require this app to market and expand their businesses.
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