by ZookaWare

Defend your computer from spyware and other malicious compromising threats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ZookaWare

Release: SpyZooka

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Zooka is a powerful program that's designed to protect your computer from modern spyware. Once spyware has gained access to your computer, it can do anything it wants, including stealing your login information, bank account information, documents, pictures, and any typed or stored data you have on the computer. With Spy Zooka's help, there is everything we need. Several functions will allow you to enter different options in how your system will be scanned and how it will be destroyed if there are any traces of spyware detected. Besides the pre-programmed database of known spyware and threats, Spy Zooka is continuously updated with new and existing threats.


  • Your spy car will be automatically scan when it is convenient when you set Spy Zooka with the software; scan automatically at every start-up, or you can use the built-in comprehensive scan scheduler to set specific days and times and repeated time increment scans
  • Works seamlessly with all variations of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers
  • Simple, clean easy to understand user interface that allows users to navigate with ease
  • Set a custom scan of one specific folder or a combination of any number of designated folders to scan through
  • Simultaneously view the specifics of cookies that have been tracked and identified spyware at the same time as running a scan
  • Preset a list of allowances to programs that you want to either allow or stop from running
  • Built-in file shredder that permanently eradicates the files of your choosing from your computer
  • Built-in system reporting function that allows a user to see how the space, speed, and processes of their system are doing
  • Generates easy to understand reports that show the user when scans were performed, what was identified and quarantined, what was removed, and the last time Spy Zooka was updatedCompatible with Windows versions Vista, 7, all versions of 8, and all versions of 10.

Users' computers are constantly updated with current threats and types of protections, both new and old.
Nick Ellis
There may be malicious software on the Internet, and this is the anti-virus software that they used to help keep your computer secure.
spyware removal program by SpyZookais as a Spyware Remover and spyware removal tool with it removes adware, key loggers, viruses and trojans on your PC. It receives alerts from this program upon receiving the infection to notify you if a suspicious program shows on your PC in an upcoming age
Viruses and malware can be removed from a computer by SpyZooka for an affordable price. During the repair ofbrowsers and internet systems, it significantly reduces the amount of space available on the disk. The application is definitely doing a good job and is similar to other applications. I believe this to be a crucial and important service.
Blake Kruse
I really thought this one was different from the other ones. Your internet speeds really rise!! By doing this, you will more quickly browse because a page load in Faster as the pages load faster and increases the speed of your PC! is in ter with slow internet as it works wonders!
The three parts of SpyZooka's function are quite simple. Upon scanning your spyware, it will then start asking you questions. Additionally, it will detect any programs you do not want to install. You may benefit from it in regards to getting rid of those programs in other ways. There's just a click of a button. This program features a whitelist which makes it safe. There are two options for running a custom scan or automatically scanning.
If you're like us and wish to clean up cookies, this can do it for you!! Having said that, it has an option for removing spyware, which I'm a bit scared to try out. It was a pleasant surprise - I enjoyed it more than expected. Creating this article has been made possible thanks to the creators.
Using this program, you can perform both rapid and full system scans, enabling you to see how many infections are found. As soon as the scan has been completed, you can go to the results page, where you'll see infections in a tree perspective, and can read the full scan report, without having to run it again. The program will not fix the identified security issues unless you won't,To get the full version, buy the application. In addition to being easy to understand, the application also works as a user interface.
I feel this program covers every aspect of who I am. The threat of spyware is so unappealing to me. Whenever I use my computer regularly, I come across these kinds of things. Prior to this program, I would see random programs installed on my computer, but since I have used this program, I have not had this happening. Also, the removal of junk files seems to be effective. registry keys are also a thing of the past with this program. It makes my computer so much faster, and I'm glad I bought it. Before taking it, eep it before you knock it!
RECOMMENDED software product of the highest quality - this software product is awesome and very recommended. All users looking to protect their devices should try this software product. A number of harmful threats can be prevented by this program, including spyware and viruses. A license for this software is sold by ZookaWare. This software, which can be used to protect your computer against external threats at home, and will let you know the extent of your privacy, will ensure your safety.
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