Sports Sounds Pro

by Sports Sounds Pro

Provides radio, broadcast, and event audio experiences.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sports Sounds Pro

Release: Sports Sounds Pro trial version

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Sports Sounds Pro is an audio player that is currently used at many events, from radio shows to baseball, roller rinks and live theatre. Competing on the market with $10,000 setups, this program boasts a generous suite of features at an affordable price.

With a simple yet dynamic interface, drag-and-drop interaction, and custom cue control, Sports Sounds Pro offers everything you need to run a live event without excess hardware peripherals. You might be able to produce more audio outputs than you need. We present a series of officially-made movies - from here to now.The website has made good on Jarrod Wronski's endorsement of the"

Besides live events, Sports Sounds Pro can also support pre-In addition to using passive audio, podcasts were broadcast of events as well as general atmospheric background. All forms of spontaneous audio should be enabled by this software. With a trial version of the full software, you are welcome to explore as much of the game as you like. However, despite its high energy and flexibility, the program is very small and can fit on a floppy disk easily.the-go performances.

features that could compete with $10,000 in sound systems per day.

  • Sounds can be looped and controlled through individual or master volume options
  • The user interface is easy to understand for beginners and color-coded
  • Pitch, tempo, reverb, fader, and equalizer control
  • Plays eight different types of audio files (flac, ogg, wav, wma, btw, mp1, mp2, mp3)

Assistance for owners of this software can be given obtained directly from the developers through phone or e-For any purchases purchased through a separate licensing firm or mail, please email us. There is no support for older versions of Windows except for Windows XP. Mac OS and PC can both be run when Sports Sounds Pro is not directly installed.

To deal with other technical issues, the main website now contains a database of potential error messages that users should be aware of before troubleshooting.

-A user friendly interface for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

-Disk can be held on a floppy for ease of storage.

Abel Reyes
Having heard of it, I am very grateful I found it in the meantime as I set up some small outdoor events recently, the sound was a real problem, with most of my videos sounding poor while I'm alone in my dorm listening to music or playing Karaoke.
The Sports Sounds Pro audio player is great for just about any occasion and event. Do you love to listen to the perfect sound at your every occasion? No worries, Sports Sounds Pro is here to help you. You'll find it at the top of the list for advanced audio applications. You get a dynamic way to handle your sound in a dynamic way at every single occasion when you use it thanks to its easy control functions.
Fraser Goolsby
Various baseball, football, and other sporting events can be handled with this program.
Sports Sounds Pro provides multiple features for enhancing your audio-playing experience. Sport sound effects have been designed to be played with this unit. Across the world, sports broadcast crews love and use this on a daily basis. A wide range of sound effects is available here in addition to other features lacking from other similarly priced products. It can be used in many different industries, including video editing, sports announcing, making music and other tasks. Creativity is always at a premium as a result of this system.
incredible audio equipment with Sports Sounds Pro!! Users of this audio player have a simple, fluid, yet powerful interface to engage with it. With Drag and Drop Interaction and cue control, your event can be run easily. It is not impossible to understand the color even for a beginner.coded interface. Various audio files are included, such as mp2, mp3 and mp1. If you need help, you can call or email the developers. Your chances are that it will definitely work are really exciting!
The only thing I could recommend is this software. My home is mainly used for personal use; I tend to use it;. As I have thrown various parties for friends or family over the years, I appreciate it when it comes to supplying a reliable sound system when an issue arises. many of my friends, and they er friends, and they all have loved it!
I didn't come from the newscast, but I love doing it. Easy to navigate my sound library with this program. There are no prerecorded sounds here. What sounds can be heard instantly online! Add those sounds into your favorite tracks or add them directly to your voice using this program.
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