Splashtop Streamer

by Splashtop Inc

A remote access software to control your computer from another device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Splashtop Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Splashtop Streamer is a server part of the Splashtop software package, whose task is to provide remote access to the computer via a mobile device. You can use both the local network and the Internet to run the program. Interface speed is largely determined by Internet connection speed, neither its characteristics nor the speed of communication are important to the gadget's performance.

As part of our collaboration, you are guided through the following processes. you install Splashtop on your smartphone, Splashtop Streamer - Fill out the registration form on the official website and then verify that your computer is registered with the service.By using a mail address, you can log in. You'll also need to set up a special security code for the application, so it will let you use the device to start working. Play games remotely, view photos, make and play videos, work with documents, and collaborate with others. In other words, when Splashtop Streamer is enabled, it will manage a smartphone and tablet from a computer screen which adjusts to the screen of your mobile device. In conclusion, you can use all the features of a personal computer while they are accessed through mobile devices such as smartphones.

- Computer responds the fastest with high rate of response from the computer;

- Any delays caused by lack of a cable connection or desktop broadcast on.

- It is possible to adjust your device's resolution of the desktop size automatically; using your device's motion sensor; changing the orientation of your device's camera; and adjusting its depth sensitivity.

- Internet and home network access are often used to access remote services.

- Video and music are transmitted in their original quality with video or music.

It is very satisfying to visit this site because I am 40 years old and don't understand interface of websites much but I find in this site the interface is too simple and very good to use as far as the current generation is concerned.
The splashtop streamer tool is made up of one software, which works on computers running Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other mobile devices to access remote control and view screens from other devices. Depending on which software you choose, splashtop can provide features like class video recorder, personal
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