Splash Lite

by Mirillis Ltd.

Free user-friendly, advanced video player

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mirillis Ltd.

Release: Splash Lite 2.7.0 Read more at: https://

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Splash Lite is a free, all-in-one video player. The software allows you to convert your documents quickly and efficiently, so you won't be disappointed every time you use it. HEVC,MPEG-4 and JPEG format support is available at Splash.You also have access to HTML5/VB7, as well as WMV8, FLV. It is easy and flawlessly possible to format your videos into many different formats so that viewers can enjoy them no matter where they are. With hardware acceleration, the conversion engine that we provide provides can achieve the best converting speeds without requiring as much energy. With our latest technologies such as AMD APP, NVIDIA NVENC, and Intel Quick Sync, the best video player experience possible is ours. With advanced image-Using the upscaling and processing techniques, you'll be able to see the content in its purest form. As well as exporting videos for Youtube, Splash can perform specific export profiles based on user behavior to ensure that your videos appear on YouTube well before the audience reaches out. Splash offers several other great features-one of which is the ability to tailor the theme to your personality. Would you like ttery theme? Is it possible for the theme to be streamlined and fit style ake to be streamlined and match your desktop? Splash allows you to do that!! All major subtitle formats are supported by Splash. Along with all the basic options available, there are a few simple color options and font choices, too. Similarly, Splash has developed specialized SmartSeek software that makes your search for points in a movie easier to get into without you having to stop watching it. Today's videos don't let you stop them while funny scenes are showing your friends. You can count on SmartSeek to help. Furthermore, we have outstanding audio settings. Are you looking for more powerful audio? aphected the amount to 500%! When watching a video, do you observe e that you see whats happening before you hear it? Using our Lipsync adjustment setting, you will no longer have to worry about that problem.


  • SmartSeek will help you replay certain parts of your video all without any interruption
  • Fully customizable user themes
  • Supports HEVC/H.265, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264,MPEG-2,SMPTE VC-1, DivXWMV
  • The advanced video conversion engine

Splash is the user-This player can play and maintain videos with high-quality visuals.We guarantee you'll enjoy the quality you've come to expect. All for free!

Its innovative features include advanced software as well as extremely high performance.quality video conversion.
An app known as Splash Lite is available on Windows computers. Playback functionality is one of the strengths of this app.A clear view of the videos is provided, as well as high quality. The app can be upgraded to allow the saving of playlists. This app offers incredible picture and video quality, a light user experience, and low storage requirements.
You can play high-resolution videos using Splash Lite at no charge. This is a new video player.definition. Even though it consumes a small amount of my computer's memory, it provides superb audio as well as video quality. There is a paid version that lets you create your own playlists with a few additional features.
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