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Give your internet browser a boost with a private, efficient edge

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Publisher: CrystalIdea Software

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SpeedyFox is a utility that can speed up the work of such programs as Firefox, Skype, Chrome and Thunderbird several times. The principle of SpeedyFox is as follows (using Firefox as an example): As Firefox uses SQLITE databases, these databases tend to "swell" over time, resulting in a slow web browsing experience for the user. A key feature of SpeedyFox is that it optimizes SQLITE databases to maximize their overall density. Because of this, databases load faster and Firefox loads faster (SpeedyFox developer promises to accelerate downloads 3x), as well as work faster with cookies and browser history.

Insistence on the part of the interface d intuitive - Default profiles are automatically detected in Firefox, Skype, Chrome, and Thunderbird when SpeedyFox is launched - as well as on the browser's interface and settings screen. With this feature, you simply have to select the required profiles and optimize the databases associated with them using one single click. Usually, optimization involves several minutes to one hour, depending on the size of the database. In this case, it has been done enough once in 1,000 occasions.2 weeks.

- In Firefox, Skype, Chrome, Cyberfox and Thunderbird to improve the download and usage; ;

- The SQLITE databases must be optimised.

A SpeedyFox browser can ensure your internet runs faster. While I used to see so many problems with my Chrome, my WiFi was causing them. In my laptop, SpeedyFox helps Chrome and other programs run faster, and the space it takes up is not substantial.
Considering both the consumer and the business needs, SpeedyFox is highly anticipated by both consumers and business users alike. By running this program, Firefox, Chrome, and Skype, which are all programs commonly used on a daily basis, are faster. There will be great interest in this program.
SpeedyFox by Sisulizer.WebSpeedSuite.com is said to enable applications, including Firefox, Skype, Chrome, and Thunderbird, to use the internet more effectively. As a former network administrator, I have to tell you that the app performs only one thing when it comes to speed: it dumps the program's cache files, which is easy enough for any application to do automatically.
A program called SpeedyFox speeds up the performance of multiple web programs such as Firefox, Skype, and Chrome on the same computer. Using the browser to trim SQLITE databases allows you to load faster and download faster.
You can use it for free and it is very useful. A Firefox install that is more than ten years old can now be launched much faster using this application. I use SpeedyFox a lot to optimize, fix and enhance my computer. The Firefox Web Browser's slow down is the result of the clutter accumulated in slow settings through the use of SpeedyFox. There is no need to install this tool. You can run the program simply by downloading it.exe fie. It is a great tool: there is the option of optimized profiles. and recommended.
In general, SpeedyFox works much better with Mozilla Firefox on Windows and Mac than it would on Windows. It is possible to slow down your browsing speed because of data fragmentation. increase its speed by a third if it had been available a long time ago. Functional and easy to use, this program is easy to install. Users of the software review online many positive reviews, and the software can also run very effectively when performing specific tasks.
Did you have trouble surfing? It's over. Let's move on. Your browsing can be greatly facilitated by SpeedyFox, and it will greatly speed it up. By using SpeedyFox you can make your Firefox browser a more flexible and faster browser. By contrast to the name says, SpeedyFox is only compatible with Firefox. Install your Firefox browser and turn it on.
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