by Nicolas Hoft

In this program, you can practice your combat skills.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nicolas Hoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SpeedSim is an excellent battle simulator for oGame, which has many special features that allow you to quickly calculate the outcome of a possible battle and determine their best and worst results, both for attackers and defending players.

It should be noted that SpeedSim supports the possibility of simultaneous simulation of several combat variants. Having this feature will enable you to take a better decision regarding which types of combat strategy will do best in different situations and situations of completing the game with the necessary data at your fingertips.

Using a few different attack scenarios, simulate your attack process so that there are fewer risks. There is no need for SpeedSim to manually calculate losses on average.

- A tool for canceling a simulation process.

- you can review spy files, review reviews, and even conduct battle reports; The simulation works on both your own fleet as well as the defense of a squad.

- It takes place in a totally different setting then the OGame; it follows the same combat system as the game.

- This feature can be used to automatically save and upload information about your vehicles, security, and technologies.

- SpeedSim supports skins.

With SpeedSim, you can customize your battle strategies to a new level. SpeedSim provides combatants the ability to analyze risk, read spy reports, study the history and determine potential combat variants on the fly for the OGAME series. Through a reduction of risk & maximization of positive outcomes, warriors can reduce their risks. Great battle simulator!
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