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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The SpeedCrunch Developers

Release: SpeedCrunch 0.12

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If you are always dealing with math as a vital part of your work, then this program is of extreme importance to you. I make things even better with it for free. Furthermore, it is available in a wide array of languages. This computer program comes with all of the formulas a math whiz could think of as well as an opportunity to determine the solution to each equation you come across. benefit of the program is that it could accommodate multiple types of platforms. SpeedCrunch is available on 3 different systems, including Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Along with math, there are numerous more languages, in addition to which, although all mathematics is universal. SpeedCrunch also comes with an automatic completion feature, which allows you to find the answer to your solutions much quicker, rather than having to manually put in the integers and press an equal sign with a regular type of online calculator. Those who prefer a traditional way of using an online calculator might also be pleased to know that there is an option to display a keypad in case the device is selected. A lot of versatility is included in the program.


  • Free
  • Over 80 built-in functions
  • Ability to define your own functions
  • Library of formulas for reminders

In conclusion, this is a great app if you have any kind of problems with math that you want to quickly solve that maybe you can't find the functions for on a regular piano. Ideally, as stated previously, this program would be great for people who maybe try their hands at algorithms and are constantly using math to solve certain types of equations for their project. It's quick, easy to use, and most importantly, it's absolutely free. If you use this program, you will only be able to solve problems!!

Having a very friendly, non-bias user experience.
chris C
Considering the multiple language capability, this product could be highly useful. A result of which is that it is useful on multiple operating systems, such as Winforms, Ubuntu and Linux, which has versions compatible with several operating systems. You've definitely found a very unique and very beneficial application in this regard.
Calculate your calculations quickly and efficiently using this desktop calculator. I am very pleased with utilizing this technology because it is extremely important to use and speeds up the calculation process considerably. There is nothing better than using this to make your regular goals come true.
Harris Cleary
As you type, SpeedCrunch displays its results. Part of a function will be evaluated only once; previous inputs, results, and notes can easily be reviewed. The customizable syntax highlighting provides the ability to spot mistakes more quickly.
Considering how serious it is about science, speedcrunch might be able to be of great benefit to people who need tools to do math or have access to a calculator while at college. By typing results as you see fit, previous results appear in the context of your history, and they can be easily spotted if mistakes were made. Besides the usual screen resolution features, there is also a keyboard display.
There is a calculator called SpeedCrunch that allows users to calculate any mathematical equation they can imagine. In addition to its regular and scientific functions, SpeedCrunch also enables users to create custom functions if necessary. With auto-In addition to this, you also have the option of using OpenOffice on Linux, MacOS, and Linux Max in conjunction with the longer formulas.It is equally useful for math-savvy citizens since SpeedCrunch is free.
There are a lot of options we can use in this fast-paced world because the phone comes with a mobile version. It is also very accurate and powerful, i think it is great. These features are not often available. I like that in this software, as it makes the keyboard quick. I would recommend it to coworkers and family members as well. A family and good friend could benefit from the software in several ways.
Using SpeedCrunch can be extremely useful.Visually-driven console that utilizes logic to crunch numbers accurately. A simple search will lead you to it - it is free and accessible.source programming. Any numerical conditions can be adjusted via SpeedCrunch in a number cruncher that assists clients whenever there is one. Using Speedcrunch, you can control your IP, play the web games, download Fedora, create free Windows online emulator, or install an online antivirus. There is no code needed for SpeedCrunch so that you can use it all, not just the most popular version.Introducing an easy way to add quick information with step-by-step logic... TIP: For Windows file repair/restore, Click Here.
I love how easy this calculator is to use. Does anyone else have experience with this kind of thing? I have no experience with it. In real time, the results appear as I type. Its background is black, so its easy to read information. It is so easy to do. I appreciate seeing the results immediately. There's no one that compares to this one now. This program runs Math functions with more than 80 built in. To reference these documents, I even found a formula book. Just amazing stuff.
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