by CFS-Technologies

Text-to-Speech software, to read aloud a given text file

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CFS-Technologies

Release: Speakonia 1.3.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Speakonia is a free, simple, lightweight solution for your basic text-to-speech needs. With more than 90 different sound options available for downloading, it will provide plenty of choice for readers. You input your text, Speakonia sends it to a speech engine, and next thing you know the computer is reading it out load back to you! Simply type something in, hit the blue triangle "Play" icon, and your computer will start speaking to you through your speakers right away.

We use fewer than 3MB of memory for the installation process, so the program can be launched fully in just five seconds with no installation fee. It should be up and running by the time I finish this review. You can use this program in just a few minutes.

The text you enter into the program can be saved as a zip file or saved from your previous saved work. A text-based reader may also be available on web pages when they are text only.friendly. In addition, users can adjust the speed and pitch, allowing them to select from the options.On the right, simply adjust the slider by hand.hand side of the program – just make sure you click Apply first.

Speakonia is simple, free, and gets the job done

  • Free
  • Nearly instant installation
  • Very intuitive User Interface – start typing, click play, and you’re off.
  • 10 different voices included by default with more available for download
  • Modulate voice Pitch, Speed, and Volume with simple sliders
  • Play, pause and stop audio playback
  • Can (sometimes) read entire web pages aloud, if they are formatted properly or just in text

Although Speakonia is no longer being maintained by its developers, it’s still an extremely simple and easy-to-Software to read text loudly should be installed. Even though you might not be familiar with Siri or Alexa and you can be used to playing a more basic voice like this, this app is quite easy and quick to use.

Myvizhiselvi SHANMUGAM
Those of us who have taken the opportunity to study that language tool link can understand it. This program allows the user to listen in different voices the same text-to-speech commands.It will need detective and police departments to use very significant research to locate whether the voices contained in text to speech conversations match those belonging to specific age groups.
Speakonia is text-to-Windows speech program with speech analysis. Text is available to anyone, whether they are beginner or advanced.to-Windows allows them to choose from a variety of speech options.
Josh Ibarra
Its main advantage is that you are able to choose some nice voices to use. In addition, it allows you to control the speed at which reads aloud, as well. A voice recording can also be stored to be used later.
The word Speakeronia can also have a humorous meaning.to-The use of speech software makes it unique, it raises a lot of questions to me as to how this software manages to read and speak words using a freeware application. In order to have your conversion as fluid as possible, you must select voices carefully.
This tool would be perfect for someone who prefers listening instead of reading, or when they have to have written pieces read to them for reasons such as disabilities. is free also, as well. When text is read back and rewound in a text editor, the process is paused until it is exported, if selected.It also supports reading webpages via HTML, making it an effective reading device. You will be able to read your email through it as well, as well. This voice is great. It is clear and can be preferred instead of used as a reading medium to listen to.
Really helpful piece of audio software. You can read out text loudly, as it takes less than one minute to download. Those who find reading too difficult and/or who need the service of having access to a book can really appreciate this book. This app is essential to my daily life and I have it on my whole computer.
easy to use and very user-friendly. The software makes it possible for me to convert text text to speech accurately and it also allows for speed adjustment. This is a terrific purchase for me.
The Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems are able to use Speakonia, a reading software that has more than 20 voices which allow them to change their speed and pitch at any given moment. The ability to use Speakonia to play back sound and text file recordings into WAV files is less useful, it must be said, this applies to all activities including driving, playing sports, and taking part in any other pursuit. Basically, Speakonia's user interface requests typing text into any document and then selecting Control C so the document can be read aloud. With Speakonia, one cannot jump between sentences or paragraphs. Because of Speakonia's affordable price and satisfactory performance, this device is also an excellent choice, especially for those that have congenital eye disorders.
It's great to have a mobile device working while listening to a text.to-speech robot reader. A robot speaking pattern allows you to highlight text copy and read it over the phone. A lot of choices can be made depending on whether you choose to listen to a particular vocal variety as well as the speed and pitch of the speaker. the text as a wave file. This can help you review the file later as it looks like a wave file.
Listening to it completely makes it the sounds of your lifetime. That is the best fit for the software. Text-to-speech software in the past has been clunky and unpleasant, but Speakonia radically separates itself from that. You also have the option of changing speed and pitch as well as the voice itself. In terms of ease-of-use, Speakonia is ahead of its competitors, both in terms of how easy the software can be. There are many things that one may take advantage of, especially if one is visually impaired. Saving sound clips as WAV files makes them easier to find or download from the Internet, so they can always be found on a trip.
I R NO CONZ.It does not matter where I stand on this matter; I'll support you.It was a problem with the computer running with viruses. Try again soon.IT GETS 0.The stars made this a five-star experience due to the incident.Make noise and shout loud enough for them to hear.Having heard many people like me who like MS SAM-UPDATED on January 17, they all recommend it.2014EDIT.As of today I tried downloading this program; however I already had my account logged in.The best experience does not even start with an afternoon stop.
Developed by CFS Technologies, Speakonia is a software application that allows users to create text conversations. You can download the app in more than one language. You cannot operate the software completely unless you have a registration key. As of now, the software cannot be updated. An intuitive interface with advanced features is available through Speakonia. With its neat and simple interface, it makes a great enhancement to Window's default software. It is possible to change the speed, volume, and voice setting.
Listening to someone read while hiking or driving makes me feel good and motivates me to do things differently. Whenever I searched on Internet for programs for reading documents for my computer, I failed. It does not look like the default client is Chrome but I am finding Speakonia. Using this free program is a simple process that allows you to read texts in 20 different languages in real time. Despite its robotic nature, the voice is clearly audible. Languages can be taught easily using it.
In Speakonia, by CFS Technologies, you can read aloud printed text. Software features some 20 robotic voices, although customer feedback notes that the voices are unrealistic, and that a lot of this behavior is inane. As of the current version, Speakonia is unable to save WAV files to MP3 files. even though the software is not particularly advanced, there is still plenty of functionality in it such as easily pointing and selecting web sites, and it even has the ability to read out loud Internet message boards. For simple text only, it remains a free and simple solution for the company, and it does not appear to be regularly updated.to-Getting started at the basics could very well suit you for someone needing audio conversion.
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