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A professional spam filter software for business and home users

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Spamcc

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By choosing Spacc as your spam filter software, you can remove the spam emails and get rid of them altogether. There is no need to follow any steps to use this software.Providing businesses and homeowners with spam-fighting tools. With the preview method available in HTML or plain text, all message options can be chosen and filtered to suit your needs. For example, family, friends, and other categories of the message can all be viewed. It is compatible with multiple operating systems. Several powerful features are available, including the Friends List, County Filtering, Black List, and Customized Filtering. Spamcc can import e-Using Office 365, all Office Office versions including the OUtlook version and other popular mail services such as MSN Messenger have access to contact information. Geo-If you receive a large number of spam emails from a specific location or country, blocking services can prevent them.

The unique grouping filter offered by Spamcc enables you to view grouped important messages from family, friends, and workmates, etc, without the worry of missing useful messages. Using combination of Friends List, Blacklist, and e-mail to filter images.Its features offer perfect and intelligent filtering and forwarding. You can add the friend's addresses and names as friends lists so they can be accessed. While receiving messages, Spamcc will automatically mark the message and display it in specified color in List Pane if its sender is included in the Friends List. The mail option will help you quickly check-Sends those messages to the remote server. A message will be partially downloaded when its length exceeds specified values. You will see a message warning if its length is exceeding the specified value. Once you're ready, click a button next to the Tool Bar to begin streaming interesting messages.


IMAP, Gmail, and Hotmail IMAP accounts can be used to filter spam, along with POP3 accounts.
  • Automatic removal of spam
  • Notifications
  • Support multiple accounts
  • Email filter and grouping
  • Quick Search and Reply
The best way for me to avoid looking at the most important emails that reach my inbox is to use Spamcc for Windows, which helps filter all that extra spam that appears. As part of Spamcc, I can preview emails in plain text or HTML, or just get rid of those emails that are spam, which does not require downloads.
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A plu-In this app, spam-breaking mails are sortated and prohibited from being processed by the app.