by SourceTree

A Git GUI to simplify coding.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SourceTree

Release: SourceTree 3.1.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SourceTree simplifies how you interact with your Git repositories. Thanks to its stunningly simple interface and excellent display, the programming headaches you might normally encounter disappear. Getting to the real-world from the bookmarks of the program is easy.Then you can use the time to see how changes are affecting all of your repositories and projects as well as switch between branches or forks in the changesets graph.

SourceTree is aimed at absolutely everyone; The Git newbies as well as veterans will benefit from it. In addition to being simple and easier for a novice to learn, this code is also complex and easy. It enables a veteran to transition rapidly from a streamlined style of programming to a faster and more sophisticated system sooner. It can be carried out remotely or in the cloud, and Git Code can be done virtually anywhere and with greater speed.


Through SourceTree, you can quickly read coding lines that are clearly defined and easily readable.
  • The changessets, stash, and cherry have been reviewed.Pick a branch or two that interests you.
  • A full-An innovative GUI has been integrated right out of the box so you'll be able to develop your app efficiently.

SourceTree applauds the tremendous ability of Git coding for veterans and for startups to develop their skills at Git in particular. Its powerful tools will not be lost, even if the interface is simplified. Software can begin coding in the cloud, produce patches instantly on demand, and many more at your fingertips simply by changing a few settings. Git's SourceTree package, no matter if it's the first time one picks it up or their thousandth tree, is a must-have tool for anyone working and coding at Git. As well as having a simple and easy to use interface, SourceTree serves as an excellent tool for gaining greater knowledge.

This appears to be a user friendly app. It would be useful for anyone who has just started coding, or have been sitting at a computer all day and watching all the code they have been creating.
Cole Slattery
For a long time, this software was only used in very limited circumstances. I can code more easily now. I find that the GUI of GIT makes it very easy for me to visualize my collection. Since I no longer use the command line, the best part is I no longer have to worry about. When you use a Mac computer with your Windows desktop, you aren't having to sacrifice a lot.
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An open-It's a solid and intuitive editor used for coding.
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During the course of programming and coding, take notes.