by Soundplant

Enables sound files to be triggered at a keyboard's use

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Soundplant

Release: Soundplant 47.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Soundplant is used for live musical broadcasts and musical effects, either as a drum plate, novel electronic instrument, educational instrument, listening medium aim or just for leisure and fun - In addition to online videos, TV shows, films, podcasts, presentations, recording studios, stadiums, classrooms, homes, museums, schools, churches, etc. by DJs or choirs, musicians, etc.


  • Supports all versions of windows
  • The intuitive user interface of simple drag and drop of media files
  • Supports user's choice of music or media
  • No additional hardware needed
  • Triggers sound and turn the keyboard into a playable musical instrument
  • Can be used anyone or a professional
  • Can be used at any location or function

Soundplant is a digital audio program that changes a user's computer keyboard into a trigger-You can assign sound words or files varying in length in any format and type on a playable device. By assignment, we are, therefore, able to continually listen to instant audio throughout the entire session.

The Soundplant can automate sound files for the computer keyboard and save them in a matter of seconds with high speed.

The Soundplant software doesn't require additional hardware, which results in its usage being higher. It is therefore designed to be used for performance, presentation, or for simply pleasure. This tool works as a media track to mix media simultaneously so that unique sounds can be produced, loops can be added or different sound effects can be enabled. Working, it can also serve as background music.

Because this program runs on its own sounds, it functions as a totally separate device, meaning it can be called a constantly flexible gadget only if its users give it the amount of content it needs and type. Using a graphically appealing interface, a user can customize their keyboard configuration, while tracking the progress being made of the content they're playing. An additional option is whether to set an offset, looping, volume.

Soundplant 43 (24.74 MB)
Soundplant 47.1 (47.45 MB)
I find this app to be very fun and simple to use. The music on your computer can be quite interesting and making it easy to remember in addition to being a great songwriter. If my laptop is with me, you can perform the service from anywhere!!
Soundplant is an excellent tool if you want to run a sound with only the sounds on your computer's keys. Key numbers can be assigned a random sound based on whether they feel comfortable with you.
Because I am a software engineer and a musician, I very well could use this software. So helpful with my hobby while away from the office! A+ from me.
There is a Live Music application for Windows which lets you play live music with no cables. by using it, you can produce a different instrument based on all the sounds you desire from your regular everyday keyboard. If you want to create your own sound from your own audio files, you can drag any files on the interface and they'll appear as you press them on the computer keyboard.
It supports a great variety of uses, such as taking sound clips to and from a party or making use of sounds to your podcasts. Soundplant allows you to take any sound clip and key it into your keyboards so you can play it seamlessly in your podcasts unlike professional radio shows, efits
We can choose to assign the same keyboard as an instrument using the sound plant software, and our work on this software must likely not work because the software does not identify the music systems directly and perform them on the same. But at the very least we are able to create some fun sounds
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