Sound Forge

by MAGIX Software GmbH.

Sound Forge is a digital audio editing suite

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MAGIX Software GmbH.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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To be helpful to professionals, programs aimed at them usually have large amounts of tools, but aren't always easy to access for inexperienced users. This feature completely characterizes the Sound Forge Pro, an application for quality sound processing. It is useful to select the file you would like to edit and place it in the application desktop to begin using this editor. Then you can add special effects to the original composition (acoustic mirror, amplitude modulation, chorus, delay, echo, distortion, reverberation, etc.) or use the functions of automatic trimming, inversion, gradual attenuation, etc.

In addition to the richest set of tools to change the audio track, the program also has the ability to quickly convert audio files, extract them from recorded CDs, download them from the Internet, as well as to record their own CD / DVD for listening. Almost all music formats, including those that are rarely used and often not popular (such as Raw Audio, Macintosh AIFF, Sony Perfect Clarity Audio, etc. ), are now recognized by the application. When you use an application that works with sound, you have access to technologies like iZotope MBIT and sample rate conversions. an audio file with high sound quality, the recording has been edited. With Sound Forge Pro tools, you can remove hissing, rustling, clicking and cracking from the track (the built-in noise reduction plugins are responsible for this).

Users of the program can customize how they interact with the program interface. You can easily adjust the size and color of windows and markers in the settings section. In the "Help" section, you can always find the information you need if you are experiencing difficulties or ambiguities with Sound Forge Pro. It's best to close all running programs when using the application since it consumes a lot of system resources.

- is a full-Professional software with a professional feel );

- Slices an audio file and applies sound effects to it;

- The recorder removes noise from the recording and cracks;

- There are several plugins here; it's easy to use.

- In reverse, you can create CD/DVDs that, disc and, conversely, create CD/DVDs with audio files;

- is equipped with a recording timer; ;

- It's easy to edit tracks with familiar commands: paste, copy, cut;

- In order to minimize system resources, it's recommended to break work on third-party applications by using Sound Forge Pro.

- In the Help section, you will find explanations of all the questions that lay people may be confused with;.

- It can be used to turn audio into mp3s;

- By making the areas where the track can be used;

- There is no software compatibility requirement iles Microsoft ;

- uses high-A high level of sound quality is maintained in the process of processing tech tasks.

According to the description of Sound Forge, most professional applications contain a large library of tools, which are too complicated for most average users to navigate, but a list of these tools, and thus I cannot explain how to use the tools. In the description, we are unable to explain how easy Sound Forge is for anybody to use. Your audience is what you are trying to reach. Just professionals? Should people also be pro and beginners/hobbyists? In such cases, it may be helpful to explain that other people can also take advantage of and benefit from this software. Additionally, a few of the items in the description contained errors in grammar and repetition. The cleaning will depend on whom you are trying to reach.
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