Sophos Home Security Free

by Sophos

Sophos Home Security is an antivirus software for Windows OS

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sophos

Release: Sophos Home Security Free 1.4.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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antivirus program that is offered by the company Sophos. In fact, it has a high rating from customers. Whether one owns a computer or not, antivirus software is needed. On average, each day we become victim to scams where online predators will be able to access our confidential information. In fact, most security programs aren't able to keep up with the features on Sophos Home Security, which puts the program in the shade. Among the many features of Sophos Home Security, I think it stands out among them.


  • Block malicious URLs
  • Stop malware program installations.
  • Protect multiple devices at once
  • Constantly up to date
  • Extensive malware library
  • Free to use

I notice Sophos Home Security really shines when I'm browsing the internet. Often, when I click on an advertising link, a malicious link appears; Sophos Home Security warns me if such a link could pose a threat. I am told my phishing attack is being flagged by Sophos Home Security. I will then receive a warning message. A lot of detail is given in these warning messages about the program. Most often, it's because my data is sold to third parties through these links. As a human being, we are frequently amazed by how many reputable stores that we shop at daily sell our data.

Be on the lookout for malicious programs and unauthorized connections.

My Sophos Home Security can help me safeguard my details on several devices at once. No matter where I have installed a computer, I can still take complete control over what is accessrable to me. Several malware libraries are available as part of the antivirus software, which the program keeps continually updated. The list of ways you can steal someone's information is so long. There are plenty of nasty programs in the library of Sophos Home Security. You can clear these malicious programs without ever running a program by installing and running Sophos Home Security on your system. If you need reliable security to protect your computer, this is the program for you.

  • Windows 8.1 /10
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