by SopCast

A free multi-platform program for streaming live TV and radio on the internet

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SopCast

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SopCast is a peer-to-Over the Internet peer (P2P) video viewing is available using peer (P2P) technology. Bit-system operation has the same principle as that of this one.Using torrent technology entails decentralized content transfer. It is simultaneous to broadcast these online from a broadcast site or a radio station. In addition to watching TV shows and listening to the radio, using SopCast Player, you can also create your own unlimited number of channels with SopCast. You don't need to have powerful equipment to do this, but you can broadcast it exactly the same way.

Within the Program Preferences screen, you will find a list of channel options. The player can then be used to play the video playback with, in addition to VLC, KMplayer, etc. There is enough of SopCast on the Internet that you can find a lot and not have to worry about the brakes once the video has been watched.

- We have access to a stable and cheap television network through the P2P technology; ;


- By starting broadcasting, high-speed caching and low latency will result.

- the possibility of starting a new your own broadcasting channel;

- can be broadcast from a local hard disk (both formats asf or wmv, rm, rmvb, mp3 and others)... This can be continuous.

- This standard is equivalent to: Internet addresses are universal format of Internet addresses for broadcasting protocol is sop://;

- System resources are consumed in a low amount by the program;

- Recording on a hard drive; recording while recording the broadcast on computer is possible; recording while recording the broadcast on an audio system is possible.

- Any players you installed in your system should be notified of this;

- The identification of the best-quality broadcast sources and links to ensure highest-quality broadcasts;

- With this program, it is free and there is no advertisement;

- All platforms and operating systems supported.

SopCast 3.9.2 (6.25 MB)
SopCast 3.9.6 (6.53 MB)
You can broadcast video and audio on the web for free, or watch the video on television or listen to radio online. Adopting P2P(Peer-to-Technology: using peer technologies has high efficiency and rapid processing times.
Streaming videos, pictures, and more is done effectively with Soapcast. This application is easy to use and allows you to view or broadcast videos. The file loads very fast, runs smooth, takes up little of the user's RAM, and doesn't occupy much room.
As far as a P2P TV Recorder is concerned, I'm in love with it. My television schedule doesn't allow me to be at home most of the time, nor do I do much laundry. However, I can definitely watch TV episodes I miss because of the convenience of it. I love how this is capable of filming TV shows as well as other videos. Now that I don't have to rush home from work when I want to watch my favorite TV shows, I'll love watching TV.
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