by Sony Corporation

You can play music using this music organizer or player, which can be used on Sony Walkman models.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sony Corporation

Release: SonicStage 4.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SonicStage is a program developed and distributed by Sony for use on their walkman models. For similar or better functions to iTunes or similar Apple devices, this product can be downloaded and transferred mp3 files onto their walkman. SonicStage can also play a wide variety of audio files on your personal computer, including mp3 and wav. As a Walkman model software, this makes it a little different from other music players. The SonicStage sync software for walkman models that are considerably older and more compatible with newer music software lets owners of these models seamlessly sync the music collections onto their devices.


  • Using your mobile device, browse music collections.program music player.
  • A WAV format recording of records on different devices manufactured by Sony is available.
  • You can import a propriety audio format called ATRAC, which plays and converted to WAV.
  • Walkman-compatible MP3 and AAC formats that have the capability of being played and transferred to other compatible mobile devices via mobile.
  • Older versions of Windows operating systems, such as XP or Vista, should work.
  • Modern versions of Microsoft Windows, such as Windows 8 and 10, will work.

With SonicStage you are able to perform the same functions as an organizer and music player. has a great deal of compatibility with Sony devices. The software.This is a lightweight exe version, which has only 960 pages.You can either use 27 Kb or 96 MB. iTunes requires 400 megabytes to complete a program installation. Sonic Stage has received a 4.4 update from Sonic Workshop.Windows 10 is compatible with the tool, as is Windows XP. Further, it will run under 64-bit Windows as well as 32-bit Windows without any restrictions. Software is also categorized as freeware, which means that anyone can install it online for free.

This program will work with all Walkman models, although older models may not compatible with other programs.

At a recommended CPU voltage of 1, it's advisable to use the CPU.You need a minimum of 0 Mhz to use this device.

A requirement is to have at least 128MB of RAM. To download and install the app, you will need at least 400MB of memory.

A non-alcoholic drink is not meant to be consumed.Windows Operating Systems.

SonicStage 4.3 (0.94 MB)
SonicStage 4.3.01 (0.94 MB)
JoAnne Malone
Owners of older Walkman units can download and sync music with their Walkman devices using the Sony SonicStage program. As well as this, your PC runs most Microsoft Windows OSes. There are similarities between its functions and those of other music players. The best part is that it's free.
The soft radar system was developed by Sony for walkmen. Particularly, Windows XP and Vista users need this feature. Using it, users can make mp3 files or mp3 songs that work on Walkmans so they can either be played back and forth, or moved, and played over the network. Thanks to its compatibility with Sony devices, it is incredibly awesome.
SonicStage is part of SonicOne -- an easy-to-use user interface that allows managing a number of Sony devices connected to a computer from anywhere in the world. Using the software package, you can program your songs, documents, and the music to a music player that comes with many features, such as transferring music files.
Robbie Montano
For use with Sony's walkman models, SonicStage was created and distributed by Sony. This program can play MP3 and WAV files on your computer as well as the sound of other sound files. Features: You can play the assortment of different types of music in an in-play program.program music player. For every Sony headphone not in your hands, you can record different tracks. Playback of the sound ATRAC, which has the ability to be played as WAV group, as well as changed. This MP3 and AAC backing is compatible with many smart phones, tablets, and mp3 players. The program can be used with more experienced Windows Operating frameworks such as XP or Vista. Having more current Windows OS versions, such as Windows 8 and 10, makes this work just fine.
Don't know why we didn't get an extra piece of software! You can browse media and keep track of all the files you have on hand. Microsoft Windows users can manage any portable device I have installed on this PC that runs their software. As compared to other similar software, this is my favourite, largely due to the ease of navigation for the user.face. would definitely make use of this again in the future!
It works on Sony computers, which are linked to Microsoft ones. It specializes in managing portable devices. Any form of functionality, such as a library, music, or functionality in certain parts of the program, is controlled by it.Audio products such as music and films used to be sold online via it.
Using SonicStage for Windows allows you to analyze a portable device by putting them into a computer running mostly Microsoft Windows software. It will analyze those devices from a Sony device. This software features a music player as well as a library manager, just like iTunes, audiomack, Windows Media Player, and RealPlayer are all similar to iTunes. MP3 files, OMG/OMA documents, and other recordings can be accessed through the software since it supports it very well.
Setting it up correctly is the key to achieving its functionality. You simply have to read all of the documentation correctly. OMD format is the only format supported by the program.
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