by Pioneers of the Inevitable

The application provides media players and music libraries.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pioneers of the Inevitable

Release: Songbird 2.2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Songbird is a Windows program and application which allows users to enjoy their music to the best ability. This system provides users with the same functionality as iTunes, allowing them to create their own personalized music collection. A media player and file storage directory which allows users to easily locate and access favorite songs. This directory also includes a way to play those songs all from the same place. As an alternative to a conventional MP3/MPG format, it works with other formats as well, like aGG, AAC, mp3. This works also with DRM files, which fall under the iTunes and Windows Media program. subscribe to blogs even if users decide not to. To enable users to find new music that's just right for them quickly and easily, it is integrated into, HypeMachine, and other popular engines. Users will find it intuitive and user-friendly.Library management is made easy with an easy interface that allows for a huge number of extensions that complement it. Through this service, users are given the opportunity to customize and tailor the way that they access their library's interface. In my opinion, this program is very elegant and is ideal for users with experience and novices alike because it is so user-friendly. With alternative programs gone out of style, this one allows users to keep all their files in one place while also allowing them to share a wide selection of skin and layouts. By being enabled, it can manage configurable data, as well as change a song's music settings and displays in response to user input. The beauty of these files includes so many different tools, while the simplicity of using and the elegant way in which they look allows the user to create his or her own unique music library and file system.

Allows users to have all of their music files in a single elegant library, with embedded engines and features

  • Music library with integrated features
  • Customizable playback
  • Compatible with many media formats
  • Embedded blogs and music engines
  • Elegant interface
Songbird 0.2 Beta (9.99 MB)
Songbird 0.2.5 (12.11 MB)
Songbird 0.3 RC2 (13.1 MB)
Songbird 0.3 RC3 (13.1 MB)
Songbird 0.5 Beta (13.46 MB)
Songbird 0.6 Beta (14.25 MB)
Songbird 0.6.1 (14.25 MB)
Songbird 1.10.1 (13.94 MB)
Songbird 2.2.0 (15.05 MB)
Songbird (15.05 MB)
At its core, Safari and iTunes are integrated into Songbird. By search via the web, using the playback feature, I can find new songs that I can enjoy another time later. I just love the features of Songbird. In addition to its ability to process thousands of songs in mere minutes, it is a great overall tool for efficiency and productivity.
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