by Soluto

people's frustration can be quelled with a software program.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Soluto

Release: Soluto 1.3.1323.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Soluto is a software that uses an anti-Understanding the root cause of PC users' frustration is one of the technologies that are used to assist them. Also in its vision, you will be able to eliminate the irritation through a special well and see the solution to the problem.An improvement of the user experience is generally a major aim of the system. All information gathered by this software is stored in the genome of Soluto, which is likened to the hardware of Soluto containing all previous frustrations and its solution. Users will find it easier to use their PC and its usage will be reduced.

How it works: With assistance from a patent, frustrated people may be discovered.pending low-There is also information about which applications are causing frustration using the level driver technology.

Main involvement: In addition to providing an insight into non-responsive hardware and software, the app can also see crashes that seem frequent. Reports of problematic plugins are received and attempts are made to fix them. Major search engines as well as a homepage are used to configure default browsers. In addition to monitoring the CPU temperature, the computer's fan speed can be reduced, which could result in slower processing speed. Toolbars and add-ons are installed to enhance the functionality of using the PC by making it as easy as possible to use.

Human Knowledge: Software enables users to experience better user experiences by using means of which they are able to remove human frustrations. Many PC users, who are accustomed to dealing with these situations, utilize this tool to the benefit of other people. By using this app, you can avoid experiencing typical or similar frustrations that users in the same situation.

It is an anti frustration software which helps to detect what may be causing the frustration of the user and finds solution to it

  • Determine what is causing user frustration
  • Find a solution to the frustration.
  • Create a database of all frustration history
  • Improves user experience
  • Remotely install skype, dropbox, etc
A new software tool called Soluto for Windows speeds up boot-up of the computer. When you struggle to get your computer going, this can be a useful tool for helping you. A tool that is easy to use and transparent, Soluto will fix some of the biggest problems encountered by PC users. Using it, you can identify and correct issues with Microsoft Windows, and solve them instantly!!
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