SoftPerfect WorldRoute

by SoftPerfect

Instantly stay up to date on the quality of your internet connection

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SoftPerfect

Release: SoftPerfect WorldRoute 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This Windows program is a useful little program called SoftPerfect World Route. Through this program, we are able to track the data traversing the various gateways that connect their data. Through it, Internet users are also able to understand the quality of their connection. If your internet connection or data network is slow, if your device stutters, if it keeps constant lag, or if you experience excessive lag on your device, or if you suffer from slow internet connections, this is the right software for you. I consider SoftPerfect World Route to be a simple, straightforward application with many feature preferences that I absolutely enjoy.


  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Displays IP-addresses
  • Displays the geographical location of hops
  • Route your connection on a visually-informative map
  • Free to use

Having a steady and solid internet connection is vital to my daily life. I pretty much live and work online up to 18 hours a day, and when my internet connection is interrupted, life virtually stops for me. As I had a few years' experience trying to guess what the reason was, I was always plagued by connection problems. Usually, the person who manages my internet service would not do anything right; he would rather go online and look. My excitement on the idea of tracking my connection with SoftPerfect World Route immediately reached fever pitch after hearing of it. After having troubles with Internet and a second time using SoftPerfect World Route, I narrowed my search down to my neighborhood. In order to figure out what was wrong, I called my cable company so that the representative could determine if my connection could be fixed. His tune changed after I mentioned the exact location. Even though I told him I knew about the gateways, he acknowledged that he did know the issue and said it bothered him. Basically, he reconnected me with my service.I got my connection reset after I redirected it. As the owner of SoftPerfect World Route, I have never encountered a problem with tracking it or fixing it. Because I consider myself a consumer of Internet service, this should be recommended to all those valued by this.

  • Internet connection
  • Windows XP through Windows 10
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