by Peter Skarin

Users are able to locate URLs of audio files on the internet with this feature.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Peter Skarin

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Snooper is a small audio spy for a PC. Taking advantage of a microphone connected to the PC, this program records sounds. Software that will help you identify what people are talking about inside your workplace when you are gone, along with all the nearby sounds. It involves spying on a microphone while hidden inside. Snooper in Write mode is not displayed in the Tray, not visible in the list of processes in Windows Task Manager. Each microphone sound detected by the device during an absence is recorded. As long as there are no sounds captured by the microphone, the spy sleeps peacefully.

An mp3 audio file is used to save all eavesdropped audio. The utility performs a check mark on the record of the recordings when it appears. At the end of the program, a m3 track will be added to the list of mp3 tracks (in a form that looks like an mp3) if the audio volume has been correctly set.mail address. You and your family will be able to use the program easily. The microphone sensitivity and the four recording modes can be adjusted using this trigger. It is customary for a recording session to record from the file everything that is wrong or damaged, or to dictate a phrase; a recording cannot be performed with sound captured, with the session's parameters being on for about seven seconds. There is also a test mode without sound capture which is To limit permanent extraneous noise, the program includes a scenario scheduler and task scheduling function. Windows 64-bit OSes are supported for use with this program.

- 4 recording modes;

- In an attempt to reduce noise, it is assumed;

- recording of vocal activity; laudiorecording;

- Scheduling a task based on its schedule;

- There is no graphical representation of this program in the Tray or Task Manager.

- E-mail notifications will also be sent automatically after someone who has been overheard by an eavesdropper is contacted.mail.

Snooper 1.37.3 (1.58 MB)
Snooper 1.39.9 (6.64 MB)
Snooper 1.40.1 (6.89 MB)
Snooper 1.43.1 (7.26 MB)
Snooper 1.43.3 (7.25 MB)
Snooper 1.44.3 (7.26 MB)
Snooper 1.44.4 (7.27 MB)
Snooper 1.44.5 (7.26 MB)
Snooper 1.44.6 (7.45 MB)
Snooper 1.45.1 (7.48 MB)
A violation of privacy is one of my reasons for not liking this product. This product is not a good choice for me.
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