Snake Eye Vision

by Cognaxon

An app that tries to simulate a part of what it’s like to see through the reptiles’ eyes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cognaxon

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Snake Eye Vision is a cognitive program that allows you to simulate the sight of a snake on the screen. However, snakes do see moving objects very well since they're extremely poor at sight. It allows you to undo or calibrate the effect back. Connect your webcam to your computer and you have a video stream. It will show how objects are clearly seen in front of the snake and vice versa as well, i.e. An object becomes completely invisible once its movement has stopped. webcam settings such as frame rate, brightness, contrast, and gamut can be adjusted.

Those are important points, but what's the point of even considering something of this interest to anyone. The one thing I think I would never purchase on any webpage or watch one because then I can check them for something like that, if I can not, I could at least go to someone who seems weird to them.
It is an online cognitive program that gives you the illusion of a snake watching you.
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