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Whether you want to create a slide show, or an invitation, there are easy steps to follow.

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Smilebox gives you the opportunity to bring your one-of-a-kind, memories to life. With thousands of templates to choose from Smilebox is the perfect starting point for any of your creations. A piece of Personalization may seem important for bringing your memories to life, but that's exactly the way it's done with Smilebox. Add photos, music, words, or just plain text to our free software. There are endless possibilities. A great alternative to apps that are costly to install and difficult to use. Your digital copy of the creation can be given to each one of your loved ones and/or burned onto a DVD to make videos for later use. Currently, when it comes to sending love, Smilebox is a lot easier than other methods because of technology. You can use their template for starting your own meaningful notes to your significant other. Do you need a new invitation or a flyer r another big event? With Smilebox, you can relax and keep going to the movies. Can you send grandma a photo collage for Christmas? Get a ready-made template instantly at one of thousands of online template sites. Take any existing creation and transform it however you need. Smilebox really puts the creator first.


  • In addition to the digital sharing option, you can also download or print a hard copy.
  • There is nothing to install besides this free application.
  • Photos or music can add a sense of individuality.
  • Choose a template for every project you're working on.
  • A selection of Windows 8, Mac, Linux and Mac OS X versions are available. (Newly available iPhone app too)

With so many choices out there why choose Smilebox? No other apps come close to this feature, as it is so simple to set up and free. Sharing options and templates make it easy to get started. Using the services of Smilebox, users can create their own unique messaging style. It is possible to bring a smile to everyone you meet face-to-face by using Smilebox. Personalized to the individual's liking, each heartfelt message has no hidden fees, and there is no need for commitment or cost.

Print-ready and downloadable templates, images, and other resources for creating projects.
It allows you to add text, animations, and even music to your pictures and family memories. A lot of templates in this software make flyers, and it's super easy to use and inspire you to use these great little flyers.Software like this makes a great gift for family and friends with an infinite design so there can be endless and creative ideas!!
A simple way to make a family or friend a picture book by showing a photo in a simple and easy way. I also like that it can be used to create wedding invitations, christmas cards, or anything else involving invitations. I have even used it to prepare a garage sale flyers.
Benjamin Call
This is great! Anyone who has trouble making slideshows does not have to worry about the complexity of making their creations because this software makes it easy to understand and use!! Compared to past ideas pops out on our computer screens and slideshows sparkle in comparison- You can use this software for your projects.A very boring gummy slide show from my hey used to make.
Your family, friends, and loved ones can easily share photos through Smilebox. A great deal of photos could be had with it. You can store images quickly and easily with this program.
There's something here to suit every personality! You can write an unforgettable birthday card or any kind of greeting card on this software application. With this app you can transform an image into an animated and slideshow. You can create an account if you use Facebook or Google.
During my life time, Smilebox was one of my favorite websites. The photographer provided images as part of our 'We are hosting an event' theme. With Smilebox on hand, we created a slideshow. Easy to use, customizable, and with great features. My recommendation would be this software, which makes producing impressive slideshows very easy.
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