SmartCode VNC Manager

by Yury Averkiev

A remote administration, network management and monitoring software supporting a large variety of tools

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Yury Averkiev

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SmartCode VNC Manager is an easy-to-using a remote administration tool to be able to connect, monitor, and control a computer remotely on a computer server.

Using this tool is extremely easy and makes using it convenient- I am impressed.This can be quite helpful for network administration since there is a streamlined interface for administration.

The standard version of SmartCode VNC Manager is designed for administration of VNC servers.

- RealVNC 4: The latest version!!Both are VA-1 or VANC1, though tight VNC1 doesn't offer any benefits.VNC versions 3 and 4 provide full support for remote installations and Uninstallations of the web server TightVNC.

- I need a remote password recovery wizard for my VNC servers. A method for recovering passwords in bulk during remote IP addresses; ;

- With the extension "External tools," you can use VNC Manager as an app without having to worry about other resources. parameters to be set in relation with running processes.

- There is a built-in Windows domain as well as a group computer browser. browse the computers on a computer network by opening the computers manager and accessing the computers; ;

- The scan of the domain/workstation group of the Windows PC and IP address is restricted to users under network class B. Scans the active servers connected to your computer. Using multipoint scanning support; sses multipoint scanning support;

- When using Windows NTLM authentication code, VNC Manager can connect to the UltraVNC server.

- NCSoft's TightVNC and UltraVNC programs also do file transfer;

- What is UltraVNC Repeater's support proxy? l VNC Repeater support proxy;

- Reboot or shutdown remotely managed computers: Log into VNC Manager;

- There will be a great deal of computers on the screen at once thanks to the miniature display. Using the miniature display, group connections can be made. Once the program is restarted, items added to the thumbnail display will be restored.

SmartCode VPN Manager for Windows for corporate network management is essential in order to use and manage corporate computing environments. allows it to perform all the tasks related to managing and overseeing a network of tens of thousands of computers worldwide, located anywhere. You can not only manage the computers using this software, but you can also control them remotely. A software such as this is commonly used in many business industries.Users have already taken advantage of it because of its efficiency and usability, but it is a recommended software for anyone needing the same functionality.
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