by SPAMfighter

Software that cleans your PC's registry in order to prevent lag

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SPAMfighter

Release: SLOW-PCfighter 2.1.36

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Whenever someone's PC slows down, they should apologize or take action. Over time, piles of old files will accumulate in the registry, causing errors and wasting resources. Eventually, you will run into errors as your computer needs additional help.

SLOW-PCfighter was created to deal with these issues. Many times if you install software and decide to uninstall it later, there are many useless keys left behind in your system’s registry. Besides leaving holes all over your registry that you can always get rid of as things are added and then deleted, it also leaves marks on your computer keyboard.increasing voids behind. A duplicate key can arise if the software you have is reinstalled or upgraded - and downloading new software seems like it's always available. A fresh installation cannot take place without an update first.

Check out trojans, viruses, adware, and spyware as they can also cause trouble. A computer can be harmed by these entries in your registry.

slow down as a result of a number of factors. You could lose your PC or cause a crash if they are not taken care of.

When you use SLOW-PCfighter, it will scan and clean your registry of errors. Its very fast speed is not only a sign of its efficiency, but the way you can prolong the lifespan of your PC by taking care of it. This tool will automatically detects and correct hundreds of errors right off the bat.

SLOW-PCfighter has developed an interface that focuses on creating a more clean user experience.friendly. You don't need a lot of skills in computer programming to use this software. registry cleaners have an advantage in finding errors more easily than most.

An additional back-end is created.You can also update it whenever it cleans the registry, just in case there's a problem. If it were just us typing a description, there would be nothing wrong, but editing the registry can cause problems, so it's really good that it protects your registry from errors, so that if there is a problem, you can fix it as quickly as possible.

SLOW-Furthermore, PCfighter has an option for you to control how the programs will begin when you boot your computer, and it's available under Control Your ProgramStarts. In order to speed up a computer, this is another crucial step. It can be incredibly difficult for many people to identify what applications are already open on their computer as they launch it. Using fewer and fewer programs will result in less stress on your computer.

SLOW-Does PCfighter clean out your computer, however it'll not iver, but it won't clean out your wallet. Among the costliest registry cleaners, it is an even better investment overall. You will have more lag if you give your computer a power boost if it is sluggish with lag you didn't experience at the beginning of your computer use.PCfighter a try.


  • Fast and efficient registry cleaning
  • Creates a registry back-up each time it cleans
  • Allows you to change what programs boot at start-up
  • Available in 25 languages
  • Affordable

Windows OS: Vista and XP are the newest versions of Linux.

When you want to speed up your computer as well as find out what software is up to, you want this product. Despite a mediocre rating overall, this is an upgrade worth making. The benefit it might provide is so helpful it might just be a great buy for any computer old or in need of servicing. While it cures most PC problems in an instant as well, it is free at the time.
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