SlimCleaner Free

by Slimware Utilities Holdings

Increase program response time, space. Decrease unwanted programs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Slimware Utilities Holdings

Release: SlimCleaner Free

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Using aggregated data from the users of SlimWare Utilities Simple Cleaner Free, it selects the most effective settings for the users' PCs. If you come forward with accurate information, we will reward you with badges. As an example, Slim Cleaner can be described as a social network, utility, or OS cleaner all while cleaning up all the bloatware in a very efficient manner.


  • Use the clean feature to remove problematic files when keeping the good ones
  • Use the optimize feature to organize how your programs open and rate programs
  • Increase the performance of your system (higher Gookbenchscore/boot time)
  • Schedule tune-up sessions

SimCleaner has an easy to read interface with a "pleasant" color scheme. Many features of the program, including cleaning, optimizing, software, browsers, disk tools, and Windows tools can be accessed under different tabs. Additionally, SlimCleaner includes details like the PC's operating system, processing power, and graphics.

Tunes you PC to have better performance using crowd sourced information

The Cleaner area is a section that contains tabs for Windows, Applications, Browsers, Advanced, and Registry. Then when the Analyze button is clicked, it will generate a list of possible problems for the program. Clean the registry by removing all problem files and web cookies, but do so with a log cookies.

In addition to selecting which programs to run at launch, optimise your program will also display ratings. You can even remove software which has high ratings from its online community in that manner. You must be connected to the Internet to use this feature.

A review reported that common programs like iTunes and Steam were opened with noticeable improvement after optimizations.

Slim Cleaner often opens up a secondary window by default with many reviews.

pcmag.In addition to the fact that the pros have 'greater power tune'.up abilities. Free.Tune changes can also be scheduled online.Ensure that sessions are up and that browsers are clean in preparation for the fall season.You can expand the search engine selection tool up and down.

The problem is you don't have the option of deleting multiple duplicated files at one time. It is also not possible to uninstall one application at a time. Also, the web connection isn't liked

Holistically SlimCleaner is free and has effective features while incorporating innovated social features. The item's best use is keeping things inexpensive.

This is an example of gold-coded applications developed by Microsoft Visual Studio.

Paided version: SlimCleaner Plus ($29.97)

PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 as well as OS X Snow Leopard.

Jon Stewart
If you use a Windows PC, Sim Cleaner Free might be quite beneficial to you. Crowdsourcing can help improve the product description for the softare and I believe it's reliable. In spite of its benefits, there is one application deletion problem with this software. Purchasing the 30 dollar version really becomes an issue if the product isn't of the highest quality.
Installation is quick, the interface is fast and the communication is good. Your PC can be cleaned in a variety of ways. does not require a lot of disk space, but does not fit into your HDD much.
By using SlimCleaner, users can quickly uninstall unwanted files that are slowly slowing down their computers. You can run the software to determine what applications are worth keeping, as well as to pick from startups and services that can optimize your desktop performance. In addition to having SlimCleaner available, users can download updates for the installed programs to make sure they are working. In addition to this, SlimCleaner scans for dangerous applications on the PC and keeps it safe.
Make sure your computer doesn't get cluttered with SlimCleaner and stay away from windows 10, so it can keep from getting cluttered. is lightweight that doesn't take up any space and does a good job of removing junk and faulty files so that you can make improvements to your computer's performance. You can also run it as a startup manager to keep your PC running smoothly, as well as defragment your computer.
The funny thing is, you know when one day you decide to tidy that spare room for a while, you've got that feeling, then you're absolutely blown away that how nice it looks after it's been cleaned up; the sweet thing is, after it's been SlimCleaner Free for Windows does just that on PCs or laptops. An intuitive interface makes installation and use of this program easy. A fast process destroys junk files, outdated programs, and useless files, which leads to greater memory consumption and faster computer speeds. The service is free, so you cannot expect anything more.
You can use Slimcleaner for free to clean your PC. You can choose between a manual mode in which every clean can be manually configured and an automatic mode in which every clean can be started automatically. You can also restore files from an accidentally deleted drive by dragging and dropping them. It has a tool to optimize the performance of your computer as well, helping beginners and experts alike. With this option, you are able to do simple PC maintenance.
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