by Fenrir Inc

A web browser that combines the PC's full-screen with the touch ability of a smartphone

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fenrir Inc

Release: Sleipnir 6.3.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Sleipnir by Fenrir for Windows is a quick and trendy Web browser that blends the fullscreen PC desktop with the touch-You can install the technology of your smartphone on your PC. A Firefox extension was made by Fenrir in partnership with Mozilla's Gecko engine, which enables the browser to be fast and to run flawlessly on each page of the user interface. Sleipnir is singular in its appearance with elegant taste and customizable features that set it apart from other browsers. Using Sleipnir, you can learn more about how users interact with their mice to imitate their movements.The Finger-control system (which would appear on a tablet and smartphones) would enable you to perform screen commands that require fingers to move.flicks.A user simply has to hold down the right mouse button, click a page and flick it anywhere. Tabs open in a browser can therefore be scrolled more actively because of this process. In addition, you can also select an open tab and drag it free in an elegant and easy way that makes it easier for people to ing tab and drag it free in an elegant and easy manner that imitates the ease of shuffling through pages on your phone. By doing a variety of mouse movements and keyboard commands, your browser is compatible with this tool.

As far as the primary site goes, The Sleipnir Collection is both alluring and well conceived.A pleasing layout that places reasonably positioned icons and buttons. Since Sleipnir is personalized per user, the Start page provides information on some of Sleipnir's options as well as granting access to the user's whole suite.screen outlook. Click the icon in the Start page, then tap the full text to access the story.Taking a widescreen set-top box is particularly exciting when there is a dynamic yet accurate view of space. Unlike any other browser, Sleipnir is both fast and stable. In conjunction with specialized tools for importing bookmarks, Chrome can help users make this move. Users of Sleipnir can access their settings and options via the toolbar and start menu, as Google serves the search function.

There isn't any great product or idea about Sleipnir, but one tiny change makes all the difference. At mid-single digit rates, it is a crowded market.The point where the smartphone/tablet and the desktop screen meet. Its performance is said to be quick, its design is beautiful, and it is remarkably durable. Using the PC browser, smartphone users can also sync everything from their smartphone directly from the Internet, allowing users to manage everything in one centralized location.

Sleipnir by Fenrir provides a more visually appealing layout and searches for things extra fast.

  • Uses your mouse to simulate touch commands
  • Unified with Cloud-based apps
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Interesting and beautiful aesthetic
No frills and completely private on the web, Sleipnir has a very sophisticated password manager, a strong assortment of security tools, support for proxy servers, and an RSS editor that will take care of it all. If you are sick of mainstream culture then I would definitely recommend Sleipnir to you.
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