A mobile phone allows skiers to control different media, wherever you are, simply by having them on call.

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Skifta allows its users to access media (photos, music, and videos) that resides on cloud services or remote PCs from mobile devices running IoS or Android. In addition to the obvious sharing of media on the mobile device, Skifta also allows display of media on DLNA and UPnP devices connected to a wifi network.


  • Skifta does not require the user to move media to the web
  • There is no syncing required with the mobile device
  • Skifta provides access to media wherever it resides
  • Skifta provides the ability to stream media to consumer electronic devices.

By using Skifta you can keep music, videos, and photos at any place and at any time -- from anywhere in the world. The cloud, personal computers, web servers, is cloud, personal computer, server - server - cloud, personal computer, server - ct Using an Apple IoS or Android mobile device, you can view it. Downloading, uploading, or moving files is not mandatory. It must have to be the most cool way to operate Skfta yet. Your files don't need to be synchronized and uploaded or downloaded but can still be displayed or shared across all your devices. A control panel is provided by Skifta with which the user can determine who has access to which music, videos, photos, or any other file remotely. Once photos, videos, and music files are accessible the mobile phone user can share any media file located in any location with friends, family, colleagues and the like. Sharing of media also plays a big role in social media so having access to media from any location can and will improve the social media experience of the user and of the user's friends and colleagues. Finally, whenever there are gatherings of friends, family, business associates, colleagues, neighbors or others, the ability for Skifta to display various media onto many different consumer electronic devices is very useful and entertaining.

DLNA and UPnP devices are supported on Skifta by allowing media streaming on the go.
A mobile device can be used without synchronizing this thing. By using this software, a media file can be streamed to mobile devices of the user. Users can access lots of media files while on their mobile devices thanks to this functionality. Every media file can be configured under this program. is a service for allowing individuals to freely access media files wherever they are.
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It seems you're going to like this software since it integrates easily with your smartphone. Mobile phone users can access their computers' photos and stuff from the palm of their hand.
You can view pictures on a multitude of devices you own, including your computer and television. You don't have to worry about losing your USB sticks or memory cards with it as it streams images of your choosing to the devices you choose. It offers instant access to these images so you can be wherever you are, so everyone who needs to keep all of their photos on their computer can use it quickly. A cloud is out today, however, so sometimes you're unable to take photos.
On the computer, you can view and download your photos from the internet. Movies and photos can be viewed in the app. There is a direct link to YouTube. Using it on a mobile phone is convenient. A media service has developed it for PCs and laptops. A multimedia file can now be played using it. All of this software can be used easily and is very interesting in terms of entertainment. Remote access is available through its use. comprises the category of operating systems, utilities, and maintenance. Using Windows 7 as its operating system, this is what it looks like.
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Taking your PC into another country does not take much effort.
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Computers can be remotely accessed and managed over networks via a number of major protocols.
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Your computer should be plugged into a WiFi connection.
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You can control your device remotely by updating updates, managing data, and storing materials on your device.
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Bluetooth, for example, is a wireless network that other devices can connect to.