by Think Up Themes Ltd

It uses intelligent control to coordinate your phone and controller with the touch screen.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Think Up Themes Ltd

Release: SixaxisPairTool 0.3.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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connect your Sixaxis Controller with your computer using the Sixaxis Pair Tool os an easy way to connect your Sixaxis Controller to your phone or mobile device for playing on your computer. The gameplay is now easier when you have this advantage. Are there any other advantages to be discussed? It's free! With the Sixaxis Pair tool you can connect to driving software seamlessly as well.

In addition to the Sixaxis Pair Tool, one of the few software intermediaries that you can forget about, Sixaxis Pair Tool is part of the Sixaxis Group. This software is easy to install and use, making it one of the best downloads available. Hands-A program that automatically makes use of free content.When problems do arise, update the feature and perform manual intervention. troubleshooting for your computer system is provided manually from Sixaxis. These tools make it easy and systematic for users to take advantage of these features. There is no freeware application that gives you as much advanced security. This program tries to take into account any issues you might have.

Connecting and using your PS3 controllers for use on your computer is one of the ways to maximize gameplay. Developed by Dancing Pixel Studios, the System is a mobile platform. In order to understand how you'll fit games and know how best to utilize what you have, Dancing Pixel studios strives to understand how the gaming world works. Using a new technique, they can improve the gaming experience by making the interface and peripherals work on a single point.

When creating a Sixaxis and computer system, there are a few things to keep in mind. To connect both devices, you will need a mini USB cable. It doesn't need anything more, because many of us keep our USB cables nearby. For those who wish to try out this software, no additional resources need to be purchased. We will not charge anything.

It works like an Intermediary between the controller and phone making it easy to play any of your PS3 games.

  • Free - Sixaxis Pair Tool is freeware
  • Ease of use
  • Dancing Pixel Studio created
  • Gaming pleasure

Sixaxis Pair Tool is the best interface money can buy! Every tool in this package has something to offer, and you'll enjoy its many functions. You won't be charged for doing anything but use those controllers you already have laying around the house using it. Dancing Pixel Studios designed it for free. Do whatever you want with this challenge and give it a try.

You can use Sixaxis Pair Tool for free.

You can't go wrong with this software on a PC/laptop. To maximize the performance of the program, I ran optimizations with a mini-program.I have a USB cable that I use to connect my PC. When using a controllers pair, you should use a device with which you plan to use them. This tool is really helpful when it comes to connected gaming controllers and working awesome.
A really handy and useful tool for anyone who is more than a little bit passionate about playing games. Your controller and mobile phone can be connected in this piece of software. rather than having to scroll the whole screen every time you want to play a game with a controller. easy setup and download, and even just a large size file is free.
I wasn't really aware what this could mean. My PS3 controller will now be able to be connected with my mobile phone, not my PC. Both on my desktop computer and mobile device have run just as well as 64 bit and have been a success. I don't mind the small download size since it makes the entire file seem smaller. I really enjoyed it.
The app features an upgradeable feature that enables game controllers to connect to mobile phones. Mobile games are easier and more accessible due to this feature. Having access to this app gives you an excuse to play your favorite video games at home without having to leave. This type of software radically changes the gaming industry.
By using SixaxisPairTool, Bluetooth pairing can be achieved. Designed specifically for pairs your controller with tablets or mobile phones, you can tap into the Bluetooth address for pairing. If you use Windows, Bluetooth or other software, then this works fine. Using this mode on a mobile device, such as a laptop or tablet, is especially good because controllers can benefit from it when necessary as well.
SixaxisPairTool for Windows is a gaming accessory utility meant to simply enable the pairing of Sixaxis, Navigation and DualShock 3&4 controllers to mobile devices not natively support them. Bluetooth synchronization between gamepads and mobile devices, as opposed to the standard Bluetooth protocol, creates an increased level of connectivity and reduces lag, as well as increasing user interface on their phone and PC. Its very simple interface includes a box for the new Bluetooth address next to the existing one on a small screen. You can easily start using Android by copying and pasting the Bluetooth address for your device. For more efficient and effective connecting with more than one device using SixaxisPairTool, simply repeat these steps once more with each device you choose. SixaxisPairTool has a simple interface and powerful design.
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