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Convert scanned images into text you can edit

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ScanStore

Release: SimpleOCR 3.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SimpleOCR utilizes Optical Character Recognition technology to convert your paper documents into electronic text that you can review and edit on Word or other applications.


  • With the addition of a powerful text editor, you're sure to be able to find the right word. The software recognizes text in multiple languages and over many formats
  • Uses a despeckle option to reduce noise and increase overall accuracy. It is also easy to highlight errors through a text editing application so that no time has been wasted editing and proofreading the document.
  • The program format three batches of the same document, or select zones that would benefit from more clarity.
  • You can perform plain text extraction by recognizing characters and words without adding formatting, so you're left with your own document.
  • The software keeps images longer than other methods, reducing the amount of time that it takes to import photographs.
  • Making sure your document retains font types and sizes, italics, as well as underlining, gives you excellent copy-editing efficiency.
  • All non-downloadable software is free.commercial uses

Simple OCR is reliable, accurate, and easy to use software that uses Optical Character Recognition to transform your paper documents into editable electronic text that you can use without hassle. With a 99 percent degree of accuracy and many custom features to format a wide variety of your documents, it is a valuable and time-saving tool that is a must-have.

This software has a 99 percent degree of accuracy.

There is a wide variety of versions of Windows 95 through 10 supporting SimpleOCR. Most scanners work with the software. This lets you perform immediate and cost-effective analyses on any type of scanners.

SimpleOCR 3.1 (9.29 MB)
SimpleOCR 3.5 (0.56 MB)
Emily Morris
There is a great deal of software that's simple OCR. editable text is generated when an image is scanned. With this scan it provides more accuracy, it can work with any scanner you already own, and it is free. By using this software, it will let you sign forms, scan them, and send them to your email.
Its simple design seems to be a perfect application for individuals who want to convert plain document into text using OCR. Software that clearly demonstrates advanced text scanning capabilities that can recognize formatting, language, and errors; and those areas of the scanned document from the background, while the blemishes are removed as well.
It has become quite a bit confusing to describe the actual product. A fair degree of knowledge of technology would enable it. Scans as the norm, but most programs such as this must make use of a scanner or phone, so it is hazy how this data will actually be stored once scanned into or scanned into your computer or their software, and how much or how difficult it will be to retrieve.
Connor Bayne
This design is professional from the get-go. The first thing I like about the website is a little red box that appears when you go there. The software and the logo are excellent.
My use of SimpleOCR for Windows, on the other hand, allows me to read texts aloud whenever I use multiple configurations of paper or use an eBook.This is a standard fonts set. Images in poor quality or color can be found here. If I type in any document with the software, it is extremely easy to get rid of them retyping.purchase records. For any team member who works at a corporate office, I highly recommend the program.
It is the simplest way to answer email questions, especially when it comes to my casual office job. This saves me time and keeps me away from the drudgery of retyping files since it speeds up and accelerates converting papers into the digital format. An accurate reading of its contents includes images as well as non-observables.The documents are expected to perform properly, regardless of how they look at times. This software is free to download, so it appeals to many people.
We at SimpleOCR make it simple to use and user friendly - with a clear interface. Our scanned documents can be turned into digital formats quickly and easily. Free and easy to use, this program helps you avoid unnecessary typing in every situation. In an amount of money, anything would be suitable! Having several columns in documents allows to further inspect several programs, which is one of the setbacks. SimpleOCR was great in my book as I was happy with its simplicity.
Entry is what is meant in SimpleOCR.Programs that recognize individual characters at the level of computer. These scanning apps offer the full text of scanned documents so you can read them more freely instead of having to deal with the retyping of each word. Since this version can only run freeware, they offer a paid version as an alternative.
You should be looking at this product if you are looking for a program that is inexpensive and simple to use. OCR can easily handle all the tion your documents I recommend this product. OCR is simple just like its name. In the past, I have never had the option of scanning, sharing, and saving all my documents, invoices, and other documentation in one place. With my new scanner, things are getting done 5x faster. My Five-Star rating for this product is for its user.A low barrier to entry coupled with affordable prices.
The SimpleOCR (Optical Character Recognition) freeware solution is frequently used in Business Office by business organizations. Among its features are batch scanning, data capture, easy to use data capture tools, and strong image recovery software (OCR).to-use interface. Utilizing SimpleOCR will make it easier to type your documents while your scanner is offline. A few of SimpleOCR's drawbacks are its ability to handle multiple kinds of documents.column layouts, poor-The images, tables, and sans-serif fonts will not work.
By installing SimpleOCR, developers demonstrate how to add royal free OCR to client software applications and to customize them further. Many people rely on this software as a way to convert multiple pages to text types.
Without any technical challenges, SimpleOCR is an excellent alternative to Word and PowerPoint. SimpleOCR provided me with the freedom to complete certain tasks that would typically be difficult for me. It is even available in different shapes and sizes, so if you need to send an assignment via a specific font this will definitely come in handy for you. Using SimpleOCR is a free program so there are no financial worries.
In a document that you accidentally type on is never fun. Your typing is dictated by all the pictures you capture of what is copied. With this software, my workload and productivity have greatly increased and time has been spent less on it. You can, instead, have a program execute an automated copying and pasting by let it simply reads and recognizes the letters and symbols of a given word or sentence within the text document and so copy it wherever you like with no hassle at all! As well as assisting me in reading the lettering, it sometimes helps read handwriting I would not otherwise need.
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