A world leader in cross-platform Mind Mapping tools, SimpleMind's portfolio extends beyond one platform.

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SimpleMind is one of the most popular tools for creating mental maps (Mind Maps). a fairly common methodology for structuring data, and can be helpful when developing complex projects, brainstorming in the corporate sphere, or for learning. diagrams include themes and links which can be developed with any kind of graphical editor, for example through Photoshop. But it is much more convenient to use specialized solutions for this purpose, which is SimpleMind.

A convenient theme and link editor provide a convenient user interface, as well as the ready-made tools to help you manage links.Create maps with a variety of fonts and color themes. Use this template to create your own maps. In addition to this, the program has a huge library of icons that can help visualize categories that have similar meanings or belong to the same category. Users can easily create mental maps based on their brainstorming session with the editor. also save your maps in PNG, HTML and PDF file format so that you can reuse them later. Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive Cloud Storage can be accessed by SimpleMind with utmost ease. Thanks to this, maps can be easily shared with other users working on the project.

SimpleMind allows you to create projects of any complexity, offers a convenient menu for setting up visual parameters and a built-in inspector of object management on the map.

- The Mental Map can be created any size of map and contains any complexity.

- In a few seconds, you can contact anyone regarding any topic with this web site;

- offers ready-By designing maps with templates and visual designs; ts and visual styles to create maps;

- An object inspector will ensure convenience;

- In addition to JPEG, PDF and PNG, the ready maps can be saved as HTML and PNG files.

- OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive all work with it.

1977, Simple Minds was the first group of young Scottish rock musicians. A number-one UK album and multiple Grammy award-winning British band in the 1980s, they record, tour, and still manage to achieve success for more than forty years despite constant personnel changes and different albums.
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