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Composers and musicians can create their own originals by using this software.

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Sibelius is an extremely unique and functional composition software designed with the unique needs of musicians and composers in mind. Sibelius can unlock your creativity and allow you to compose, play, record, share, and listen to scores of unique and original music. Despite its simplicity, Sibelius uses a multitude of high-tech and specialized tools that allows it to provide composers with individualized music scores and instruments.


  • Intuitive interface that even beginners can use
  • Includes Score Starter and Idea Hub to provide you with ideas when you are stuck
  • Support for up to 16 types of instruments for your compositions
  • Allows you to add lyrics with ease
  • Enables sharing of up to 20 scores with Sibelius Cloud Sharing
  • Magnetic Layout feature spaces your notes accurately
  • Compatible with Avid Scorch, which can turn your iPad into a music stand and library

Sibelius is packed with features for musicians and composers to use when writing unique music. In Sibelius, sixteen instruments provide the freedom to create rich and complex scores using various sounds and instruments. With Sibelius you can also download companion applications such as AudioScore Lite for a more streamlined composition experience. By singing notes into a microphone or by using an instrument, we could add notes so that we could play later.

This is a music composing software that provides everything needed by musicians.

You can listen to how your music sounds during playback and edit as needed in Sibelius, allowing the music to sound just right. Also, musicians and other users can interact with this work online so that you can hear their feedback.

There is a monthly subscription and an annual subscription for Sibelius. As an alternative, you can buy the whole software license and use it as you see fit. Updates to the software are included in all options. An ongoing support plan is included in the license purchase. A Sibelius Ultimate upgrade and Sibelius Ultimate offers even more advanced features that Sibelius does not. You can create anything with Sibelius along with a wide range of features and companions.

Matthew Stevens
We have one incredible product from Sibelius that I wish I could run outside naked on. Your love life has gone from a dull marriage to something so exciting thanks to Sibelius. Do yourself a favor and try Sibelius today before everyone else even learns about this incredible tool.
When you play music and are serious about your performance, Sibelius would definitely be a valuable addition to your arsenal. Featuring a lot of features, music scores for scorewriters come in an all-in-one program. They can be created, edited, printed, and recorded. As well as playback, a variety of sampled or synthesized sounds may be used to play your music in Sibelius. By publishing your scores online, you can also share your music with others.
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