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A free video editor and encoder that makes video making easy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Meltytech, LLC

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Shotcut for Windows is a great free movie making software that has support across different types of computer platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac so it has a lot of versatility. As part of this, Black Magic design support is part of the system, an Australian company that edits Emmy-winning shows like Game of Thrones. By using the user interface, beginners can begin creating videos pretty easily on the first day. There are so many ways of integrating clips, and many other functions make making videos happen much faster. A video editing duo where you are using different audio clips, and when editing on the stereo that one of those sections is muted, as your editing goes on, one part of the audio will no longer be heard. On top of this, many different video formats are compatible with the Shotcut so that adding different formats is easier than other software. Also, many different high quality video effects can be applied, including blurring in parts of the frame and fade ins. Shotcut is a very smooth video player, due to its frame accuracy and the fact that it supports all kinds of video formats regardless of resolution.


  • A correct frame rate that handles a large number of video formats in a smooth manner.
  • Video Quality is guaranteed for all four dimensions (2160p resolution).
  • Makes video editing seamless by allowing native timeline editing without the need to import files
  • Supports a wide variety of formats and different types of video clips allowing for versatility and ease while making videos.

Shotcut is an easy to use free video editing software with a lot of compatibility between different formats and files so that editing can be done easily without having a lot of experience with video editing.

The program supports a wide range of formats, and is compatible with many other computers so you can use it to mix and edit video clips for ease of use.

The minimum requirements for Windows are Operating system 32- or 64-bit Windows 7.

Shotcut 13.05.27 (145.28 MB)
Shotcut 18.05.08 (72.84 MB)
Shotcut 18.08.11 (73.24 MB)
Shotcut 18.10.08 (73.71 MB)
Shotcut 18.11.18 (73.79 MB)
Shotcut 19.01.30 (85.67 MB)
Shotcut 19.04.30 (77.69 MB)
Shotcut 19.07.15 (77.82 MB)
Shotcut 19.09.14 (71.14 MB)
Shotcut 19.10.20 (71.19 MB)
Shotcut 19.12.16 (79.17 MB)
Shotcut 19.12.31 (67.59 MB)
Shotcut 20.02.17 (71.54 MB)
Shotcut 20.04.12 (71.62 MB)
Joshua Shapiro
Video is not only not for everyone; for a majority of people there is a difficulty with it. However with the new Windows program called "Shortcut", sold by Sisulizer, this program makes it very very simple to do any type of editing with a variety of video formatted files (used across Windows, Linux and Mac) and also includes over 300 special effects you can add to your videos with video templates. The ease of use of this program enables beginners to make their own movies from Day One. For all those who love working on digital video, this is one application you need to check out on your Windows PC. What are your options if this program comes with Black Magic design support, an Australian agency that edits TV series such as Game of Thrones, for input, etc, etal support, an Australian company who edits Emmy winning TV shows such as Game of Thrones, for input and configuring how can you
K Walker
By using these new software methods, you can produce video files in a streamlined manner. Those looking to learn how to do this at an early age will find this software extremely handy. The cost, if any, was not listed in the presentation. A large percentage of beginners might find it difficult to benefit from it if it is costly.
I am totally blown away by Shotcut for Windows when watching a movie.Video editing and the creation of video. Videos created by Shotcut can be produced over a variety of media platforms, including video production, digital rights management, and video analysis.
This software works quite well, it's very easy to use, but we cannot live on free-distribution. As well, it is virus free, which is a plus.One major drawback is that it is updated daily, which can sometimes interrupts the flow of information. The other thing that's great about it is that it's not too expensive.
Samuel Davis
It surprised me at how well this editing software works to make a video. My primary editing software over the years was Imovie because I Macbooks had always been in my school backpack. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Windows laptop for $200, so I can't watch Imovie. It does what it seems like because I downloaded this and used it. In addition to being easily learned, Imovie is as powerful. Instead of having a built in Movie Maker editor, Windows should use an editing tool.
This is fantastic functionality, dude!!You have all the tools and options of a very friendly video editor with a cleaner interface. As an average user, I find it easiest to download and won't take an extended period of time until you have used it. Everyone can find it to be an amazing tool. It easily handles compressed video files and files with image quality up to 4K using mpeg support. It is also easy to use the filters, and allows you to customize them your way.Highly recommended!!
There is no watermark in this free to use application that works well for video editing. Shotcut has lots of powerful features. By comparison to other applications of this type, big projects can slow down the speed of an application.
You can edit and encode any video using Shotcut for Windows. Besides creating a short video, you can also create a video disk using it. A person can open up at any time.The program is always updated. You can play it in multiple audio and video formats including the ubiquitous MP3 as well as supporting any picture or image format, including digital photos. The flexibility is something I enjoy immensely.
These software applications save me time and frustration when it comes to editing incoming streams of incoming game. For those of you hesitant about new software, it can be a no-go for now. However, you should expect this since it is open source and it doesn't seem like it has a malicious intent. Having a very easy-to-use interface made it easy to use, but I did not think it would be able to support all video formats at the very least. The K- would solve the issue.The Lite codec pack and Boom for me, I'm good for everything.
With this great new editing software, you can make it a lot more creative. The best features of this software are the animations, intros and special effects it can provide, so that your video is edited and filmed the way you like it. Other advantages include fast download speeds so that you can get started editing and making videos right from their start. There is one tab where you can get everything you need, so you don't have to search everywhere for the tools you need. This tool is super easy to use!!
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